‘A Place to Call Home’ stars Noni Hazlehurst and Robert Coleby exclusive interview

  1. Amelia  

    Have seen Robert on stage, with Barry Otto. What a thrill!

    Both he, & Noni are excellent in their chosen career’s.

    May we get to see them, for many a long year yet!

    • elizabeth bloch  

      this is the best show i have ever seen and back for another season on foxtel this sunday at 8.30 on showcase, if you havent seen it yet i would honestly advise you to watch it

  2. Erica Erakare  

    How did Elizabeth get from her apartment to hospital this time?

  3. Julie Young  

    So, so pleased that Foxtel took over from Channel7 !

    I went to the viewing of the first episode here in Perth last week and met REGINA !!! Had a photo taken with her. Lovely lady in person!!! As I was leaving, Jenni and a couple of people with her, were on the stage of the old theatre in Como, taking photographs. I shouted goodnight to them and then shouted to ‘Regina’ – Don’t be a Ratbag all your life!!! At least they laughed at my sense of humour !!!

    I don’t have Foxtel – can’t afford it, so I’m looking forward to the DVD.

    I belong to the SAPTCH Group.

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