Man to be deported from Australia having left New Zealand as a baby

It’s been 48 years since Pio Steve left New Zealand, but he’s about to find himself reacquainted with the Land

It’s been 48 years since Pio Steve left New Zealand, but he’s about to find himself reacquainted with the Land of the Long White Cloud after the Australian Government moved to have him deported.

You might ask what Steve has done to face the wrath of the Government and the answer is simple — he’s a career criminal.

Having moved to Australia with his family at the age of 13 months, Steve has a rap sheet spanning 30 years and includes stints in prison for burglary, violence, and driving offences. He was also addicted to heroine as a teenager according to his lawyer.

However, the Government has been cracking down on non-citizens who have criminal records under changes made to the Migration Act a couple of years ago and feels someone like Steve isn’t the sort of person worthy of living in Australia.

When he was sentenced to three years behind bars in May 2015, Steve had his Absorbed Persons visa cancelled.

Desperate to stay in Australia, Steve put in a last-ditch plea with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal saying, “If I were forced to leave Australia, I don’t know what I would do.”

Steve has the majority of his family here. He says his mother is “getting older” and he “needs to take care of her”.

Despite all that the tribunal wants him gone.

New Zealand’s Labour Corrections spokesperson Kelvin Davis says Steve is a “product” of Australia, highlighting that because he went to school in Australia and “was shaped” in Australia he is therefore an Australian.

“It’s unfair of them to dump him here, because it makes New Zealand less of a safe space,” Davis told

It is unlikely Pio Steve will ever be allowed back into Australia to visit his family once he has been deported.

Do you agree that non-Australian criminals should be deported? Do you think a person who has lived in a county for an extensive period of time, but does not have citizenship, is entitled to be called a resident of that country? Share your thoughts with us on the topic.

  1. Jim Richardson  

    He has chosen not to become an Australian citizen, and is a career criminal by choice, so l say good riddance. Deport all non citizen career criminals, regardless of their family situation. It was their decision to become a criminal.

    • Lynne Lang  

      Even though your society helped shape him? I presume his family members, including his parents who took him there as a baby, have paid taxes etc for all these years? Australia is the only home he’s known, he obviously identifies with your society not ours but because of a law change he has to leave the country? I agree with that if he had only been there a short time but 48 yrs is a lifetime.

      • Bruce Simmonds  

        This Govt is so anti anyone not born here. Mo as well send him to Manis

    • Chuslaphak  

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    • Paul  

      What an ill-informed comment. Have a look at New Zealand citizens right to residency/citizenship in Australia first…..

    • noeleen liapis  

      I think you will find that nz citizens can’t apply for Aust. citizenship. Not sure but check it out.

  2. He has had plenty of time to have applied for Australian citizenship and has chosen not to, so therefore he is not an Australian. He has also repeatedly broken Australian laws so just like any other criminal he can be deported. He has made his choices and for that has to accept the consequences. Lawbreakers like him have no place here, Good riddance!

  3. reaaaaal  

    PETER DUTTON is doing a great job by deporting all criminals, regardless how long they’ve been living here . He should also crack down on failed ” fake asylum seekers and dodgy marriage visas” and deport them all before LABOR-GREEN party comes to power.

    • Lorraine  

      I agree, something has to be done with people that come to Australia and think they can do as they please. Anyone committing more than two criminal offences, even after becoming a citizen should have their rights revoked and deported back to their county of origin. 3 strikes your out.

  4. Pat  

    Chose his path of crime, continued to break law, how can he look after his mother when he reoffends & goes to jail. No sympathy for him

  5. rikda  

    Kiwi’s can’t become Australian citizens.
    They have some sort of “Free range” visa. I think Pacific Islands are treated similarly.
    I think it came about because of the disproportionate involvement in crime.
    As I understand it.
    If you get sentenced to more than 2 years (I think), when you get out, you are taken to a refugee camp & deported.
    Frankly. These African Apex gangs want a double dose of this.

    • Marilyn ANDERSON  

      Kiwis, can become Aussie Citizens, My friend has become one after 30 odd years in Australia, on the so called “free range” Visa. He, however, apart from one drink driving offence , did not become a criminal.

    • Christine Whitehead  

      Kiwis can be come Australia Citizens – I did. You need to live in the country for 2 years (unless this has changed since I became a citizen). My head and my heart are fighting over this. Live the life most of us live and you would not be faced with deportation.

    • danny  

      New Zealander arriving before 2001 are covered by transitional arrangements are able to apply for Australian citizenship look it up his tough luck

    • Rikda – of course Kiwis can become Australian citizens once they have met the required criteria. I’m English, have a New Zealand passport and also have Australian citizenship and passport as I lived in Australia 21 years. There is a right of entry visa that is reciprocal to both countries, and after a time period, then Kiwis can apply for citizenship. I think the Australian govt is right deporting this waste of space. Pity we have to have him back here, but I believe the deported criminals come under scrutiny once they arrive back.

    • Phyllis Melville  

      Kiwis can become Naturalised Aussies. I have a friend who did.

    • H. Morris  

      Of course they can become Aust citizens. I know quite a few who have been thru the costly process

  6. Kenny Pearson  

    If you don’t play by the rules at school you get expelled, if you don’t play by the rules in Australia you get deported. Suck it up Princess.

  7. Greg Hills  

    Well. The government have certainly got it wrong in this case.
    The man, no matter how bad, is really a product of Australia. It is our education system that shaped him, and we must take responsibility for fixing him.
    If he came here as an adult that would be a different matter. No, he must be kept in prison here.

    • Claire  

      Don’t think the education system shaped him otherwise we would all be career criminals.

      • sue  

        He would have been a criminal no matter where he was. If he did not want to be an Australian citizen, then he does not belong here.

        • noeleen liapis  

          I think you will find that nz citizens can’t apply for Aust. citizenship. Not sure but check it out.

    • Ashley Hunt  

      He is the product of his own behaviour. Don’t blame Australia for what were his personal choices. Maybe look at his home environment but it is just too easy to blame everything on the system.

  8. Roy Bridges  

    Got this one right, tell the people who he committed the crimes against that he should stay.

  9. danny  

    Well he could have taken Australian citizenship thus avoiding deportation though Being criminal I would cancel a citizenship as well as for being a product of Australia no think more a product of bad parenting and possible breeding and no I do not refer to race but to class of people scum breed scum

    • Lynne Lang  

      Do you know his family are scum or is that a bigoted, unresearched statement? There are many people who end up in prison who have had very good parents and family backgrounds. I would argue he is a product of 48 yrs of living in Australia as NZ haven’t had a hand in his life since he was 13 mths old.

  10. And you think that the Australian government is perfect with their laws to take children away from indigenous Australians in the 50’s and left with so many problems. Australia and New Zealand always has a special bond and in New Zealand that is still so. We do not deport like Aust. I am so glad that I am not an Aussie. My 2 brothers and a sister are and they struggle in Aust but stay as now their children were born there. What happened to humanity and taking responsibility for the shaping of peoples who have been there all their lives. what a materialistic and racial society you have become.

    • Carmel  

      Well if it so bad is Australia why do people stay, there is nothing keeping them here if they don’t like it and plenty of other places in the world to go to. The excuse that they are staying get a use children are born here is lame, that shouldn’t stop people from moving elsewhere.

    • Judith Ann  

      Materialism is not even the issue here nor is racism. He is not being deported because of these two reasons. I have no idea how you get that. I think being from New Zealand, then this is where your loyalty lies and you have no wish to leave. No problem. Your siblings did. Their life choice. But here is someone who was brought here by parents as a baby. He would have turned out the same, had he not left New Zealand. Now he’s going back. I’d personally buckle his seat belt for the flight over and I’ve got a whole lot of terrorists who could go with him, if you are not racist that is!!!

  11. HBH  

    Consequences of his own actions. He chose to become a criminal, he had the option to apply for citizenship. And now he is pulling the ‘my mother is sick and needs me’ card! He is a criminal and an addict, it is far more likely that the state would have to care for him, he is not fit to be a carer. Again – he should have considered that before choosing to commit crimes.

    • Robyn  

      Somehow, I can see the aussie citizens view,, as in, ” why should we have him here,?” and yes, he hasn’t gone for citizenship, but to take a person from their family and send him off to somewhere totally unknown seems a bit much, and there is also the thought that the australian system made him what he is……… you developed him, you deal with him… 🙂

      • Carmel  

        No we didn’t he decided by this own free will to turn to a life of crime, probably if he had stayed In NZ the same thing would have happened. We have enough of our own citizens born here in prisons, why should we keep paying for someone who nev
        er took out citizenship and is a burden on the taxpayers. Serve him right he should have thought of the consequences of his actions.

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