Karl Stefanovic’s wife bares all in social media post

Just weeks after they announced their surprise hit, Karl Stefanovic’s wife has published a telling post on her Facebook page
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Just weeks after they announced their surprise hit, Karl Stefanovic’s wife has published a telling post on her Facebook page addressing the realities of their separation.

Over the weekend, Karl and his colleagues celebrated after it was announced their breakfast show had finally beaten Sunrise to claim the number one spot in the country.

It seems this didn’t sit well with Cass, who reported sacrificed a lot so that Karl could focus on his career.

“Apparently Today Show finally won a year. This took a huge toll on my family and I, and I’m congratulating myself today for all the effort that went into making that [ratings] happen,” Thorburn wrote.

“I’m giving myself a pat on the back tonight, as I know many people will also know how much effort I put into it.”

Her post backs up the words of the former couple’s close friend, and Karl’s ex-colleague, Ben Fordham who has previously said that she played a large role in Karl’s career.

There’s no question that Cass is a crucial ingredient in Karl’s success,” he said.

Karl himself has acknowledged that Cass gave up her own promising career in journalism to stay at home with their kids while he focussed on his own work.

Cass finished her post by saying she was pouring herself and glass of wine to cheers to herself.

Do you think matters like this should be kept private? Or can you understand why she would make such a public comment on this?

  1. Frances  

    Well done Cass, you would have sacrificed a lot to further his career. Happens so often that a marriage breaks down in these circumstances. Get out there and shine .

    • Jan butcher  

      It’s a woman’s job to stay home and look after the kids. No pats on the back from me. I’m sure she has enjoyed the luxury of his hard work

      • Noeleen  

        Your anachronistic comment has no place in the 21st Century.

        Women can do what they want these days’, thank goodness.

        Have seen kids’ who’ve been at home with their Mothers’, as opposed to children who attend ‘Day Care’.
        The first type are ‘namby-pambys’, hanging onto their mothers’ skirt or dress. They lack ‘socialisation’, as they’re not with other kids’.

        The second type are socially adjusted, have good communication, & motor skills, & grow to be good ‘all round’ adults’.
        I know what ‘type’ of child I’d prefer!

        Unless a mother has the qualified skills, same as a day carer, she can’t possibly ‘educate’ her child to the same extent.

        Life is SO different now, compared to the ’40’s, ’50’s, & even the ’60’s, that children must be skilled to get jobs’ available to them in the next x years’.

        And then there’re the women who just happen to enjoy working.

        Having a child/ren isn’t the ‘be all, & end all’ of female life, nor should it be.

      • Patricia  

        I agree with you Jan. I am very sure she enjoyed the spoils of his success.

  2. Christine Kirkland  

    I can certainly understand why Cass said something. Many times you see that behind every successful man is a wonderful supporting wife and Cass is one of them. Karl’s morning show probably wouldn’t have reached number one without the support behind the scene’s.
    I personally think it’s all gone to his head and is acting foolish at times in front and behind the show.
    Hope Cass and her family will be OK whichever way it goes. Good luck!!!!!!!!

    • Joan Vale  

      I agree with everything you said Christine.

    • Tris  

      Yes Christine,
      Congrats Cass……..such a shame that the women seem to put their own lives on hold for her partner
      and then the man’s like outta there……for what ever reason….see it time an time again…
      Women need to make a stand an if they want that career, to also do it for them selves….
      Hope the Cass and family all the best……..

  3. diane  

    Yes Cass well done CONGRATUATIONS on all your hard work my hubby and I have been together for over 40 years and I know exactly what you’re talking about now it is time for you to have fun

  4. Cherylynne  

    Yes well done Cass! You deserve to sit back and be proud of what you did and look after the children is very rewarding. Good will come to you in abundance. Keep that chin up and be very proud.

  5. Dianne Evans  

    I say go with it and you deserve congratulations for your work why should it be forgotten Now!

  6. Shirley Ploeg  

    Cass is quite right and Karl never would be where he is today without her. He is a public figure he is in the public
    limelight always behind a successful man is an even more successful woman. At some point the tables do turn and when the woman steps out in her own right it is very noticeable. Good luck for the future Cass.

  7. Poiter  

    Who wrote/edited this crap…check how many mistakes there are

    • Judy  

      Yep…..it should at least be proof read and edited before the crap is tossed to us the readers

    • ClareK  

      I agree Poiter and Judy. Starts at 60 sure could use some editing and proof reading. I have noticed lots of mistakes recently

  8. Helen Hunter  

    Did Karl acknowledge her contributions? If he didn’t then she is justified.

    • Irene  

      Karl has on numerous occasions, very publicly and sincerely acknowledged and thanked Cass for her support and self sacrifice.

  9. jenny Blakeney  

    It was her choice to become a stay at home mother, she could have continued with her career if she wanted and a lot of women do, but I agree with her decision to bring up her own children. Yes she helped Karl’s career as in being a support person behind the scenes, however he did all the work in front of the camera and that is not an easy job. It is his personality and talent that got him where he is and of course his good looks. It would be so nice if they could mend the bridges and just get back together. Cass on your part it sounds a little bit like sour grapes to me. I understand you are hurting really badly but do not lash out in the press it makes the situation worse.

    • PolaJohnFedmowski  

      Good on you Jenny ,and hi is good looking men i love Karl😍 ,it was your decision to ,you had good .

    • cynthia  

      Jenny, so right it was her choice as my husband was in the Forces and with moving all the time I gave up all and stayed home till our 2 children where at school them I went back to work. We have been married for 43yrs. Lots of ups and downs. All marriages have them. Just my thoughts. (Cynthia)

  10. Robyn Mcleod  

    Karl has always acknowledged his wife was his biggest support base, not understanding the reason for this. No break down of a marriage is pleasant, however doing it privately would be better. The public have no need to share the hurt and grief of each partner.

    • Pamela  

      Totally agree.

      • Patricia  

        This to me says “Sour Grapes and spite”. I know full well what its like to support your husband to get to the top of his chosen career. Its hard work running the home and children but we do it with pride. If it was know he was getting out of line with the success it was upto her to pull him back into line like any supporting wife would do. Not pull the pun on the marriage and hurt the family ( Children ). If she valued the family circle she would have fought to save it and not NOW come out and cause more pain for her children. What was more important to this woman, her marriage or the fact that she was not given a huge pat on the back by the Sunrise producers and the panel? If you read between the lines I feel you will see that the real reason is as I said earlier ” SOUR GRAPES ” Stop feeling for yourself and get on with being a mother first and put your marriage and children first. Nothing is really broken until you smash it. Dont do that.

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