Julian Assange compared to Ned Kelly by Aussie politician

Earlier this month it was reported Julian Assange had an ally in an Australian politician. That politician was One Nation

Earlier this month it was reported Julian Assange had an ally in an Australian politician.

That politician was One Nation senator Pauline Hanson, and now she’s taking her support for the WikiLeaks founder all the way to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

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Hanson has penned a letter to the PM, comparing Julian Assange to Ned Kelly and describing him as a “potential folk hero”.

In a copy of the letter, published by the ABC, Hanson argues that “we have failed to adequately protect whistle blowers”.

“We should be supporting those with the courage to do what is right, despite the fact they face huge risks and punishment,” she writes.

“In a time when the media cannot be trusted to report the facts because they serve as a mouth piece for out of touch elites and the political establishment, in a time when the mainstream media no longer holds government to account, it is now the work of people like Mr Assange that is so integral to the health functioning of our democracy.

“It is organisations such as WikiLeaks that are now the fourth pillar of our democracy.”

The senator went on to describe Australia as having a “long and proud history of anti-establishment folk heroes”, using Ned Kelly as a comparison.

“Ned Kelly faced government oppression and corruption and was eventually shot and hung,” she writes.

“I don’t think the people of Australia want to see another potential folk hero hung out to dry.”

Hanson finished off her letter by asking Turnbull if he would begin “a multilateral process” to bring political parties together to support Assange.

“I am hopeful you will join me in supporting Mr Assange,” she writes.

“I intend to work towards making sure he is granted his freedom.”

What do you think about Pauline Hanson’s letter? Is it right to compare Julian Assange to Ned Kelly?

  1. Jaz  

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  2. Bruce Taylor  

    The reason Assange is in hiding is not the government or anything else. He is there because he refuses to face charges of sexual assault in Sweden. Hardly a person to warrant worrying about.

    • Linda  

      What an ignorant comment, made by someone who believes the Murdoch news.

    • Gavin Weston N.F.P.  

      Julian Assange is in hiding because the great American Government and Press are not capable of dealing with the extreme actions they take to try and control others in so many ways as they try to dominate the world. I use this phrase specifically as they have proved over time to invade wherever they like with the result of 9/11 occurring as a because of their excesses in the modern world trying to make other countries do what America wants. That the globe needs a good Governing body to bring order and peace top the planet is just so obvious the powers that be deny such need as they will loose the own powerful positions that they so enjoy. The world needs to read about the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ and put these into practice and eventually the world will be a peaceful place.

  3. Linda  

    He has already been cleared of charges in Sweden. He is an absolute hero. Exposing crooked politicians the world over. People who watch and read mainstream media which is owned by the same six corporations worldwide are limiting themselves to news spewed from the mouths of liars. It just shows how ignorant you are if you cannot be bothered to do your own research. Julian Assange has done more for this world than all the fake Zionist scumbags that pose as politicians. Most being involved in a worldwide peodiphile ring! He should be hailed as a hero instead we vilify him for telling the truth. Disgusting!

  4. Joan Marshall  

    Julian Assange is an Australian HERO. As for being guilty of sexual assault which he has been cleared of and knowing the morals of most European country women he is not guilty. How do we know it was not a set up? Whistle blowers such as Julian Assange and District Attorney Jim Garrison who uncovered the cover up of the John F. Kennedy Assassination said if the powers that be cannot kill you because you have exposed crooked politicians they discredit you by publishing lies about you. God bless Julian Assange for exposing Hillary Clinton a liar, a thief, a complete crooked politician. I have read extensively about HRC and I was never impressed. How did I come to the opinion I have of her? because of staff who worked with her and Bill the womaniser. Hillary defended him when she was a Lawyer paid one woman $850,000 to shut her up he lost his lawyer’s license because of it. Chinagate where she took items belonging to the White House and had to return them.Obliterating thousands of e-mails. Smashing mobiles then telling bare faced lies. Taking donations for the Clinton Foundation from countries which can least afford it in a Pay for Play of which only 6% goes to the poor and yet Democrats refuse to see all this. How blind and deaf can they be? God saved us from HRC with Donald Trump. He is no Saint but a Saint in comparison to HRC.Goes in to a violent meltdown after loosing the election. Terrible woman. Enough said. Wake up Democrats !!!

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