Pharmacies left scrambling as tourists buy up another Aussie product

Pharmacies are complaining their shelves are being emptied buy tourists who re-sell the products overseas.
Pharmacies are struggling to keep up with demand.

Australian pharmacies are struggling to keep up with demand as tourists are buying up large quantities of Blackmores vitamins and selling them overseas for a profit.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports tourists are arriving in bus loads at some pharmacies and clearing out shelves, leaving Aussie shoppers to go without.

Last year, supermarkets were forced to put a limit on the amount of baby formula shoppers could purchase at one time after savvy buyers latched onto organic brand Bellamy’s and sold it at a marked-up price in China.

Now it appears Blackmores vitamins are on the most wanted list with fish oil, cranberry capsules, vitamin C and the eye supplement Macu-Vision the most in-demand products.

One pharmacy manager told the SMH it can take weeks to get new stock after the shelves have been cleared out, leaving many shoppers to go without.

It appears small and independent pharmacies are the hardest hit as they are often left waiting the longest for new stock to arrive.

Last year, Business Insider Australia reported some Chinese students were making up to $3000 a week selling Blackmores and baby formula to people back home.

Have you noticed a shortage of vitamins at your local pharmacy or supermarket? Do you take any of these products?

  1. Cheryl Ann Mudge  

    No , but i work in the Health food industry in qld , and have many , many chineswe tourists come into the store with their i phones showing pics of all the above products , plus lots of other ones . Manuka is another big one to

  2. Patricia  

    The buyers of all these “health products”, be it vitamins, beauty products, baby food etc., are not only tourists. I know a Chinese resident who is making a regular income from sending parcels back to China and re-selling the products with a substantial profit. The money made from the sale of these products is paid into a Chinese bank account (in China). It could be all above board and legal, but the fact that a substantial income is being made which is not declared here, is a loop-hole that many, many people use.

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