Peter Dutton lashes out at CEO Alan Joyce over gay marriage

The Immigration minister didn't mince his words on this issue
Peter Dutton told CEOs to butt out of gay marriage.

Immigration minister Peter Dutton has hit out at some of Australia’s top CEOs, accusing them of interfering in the debate over gay marriage.

Dutton was speaking at the Liberal National Party’s state council meeting in Cairns when he took aim at CEOs from Telstra, Qantas, Holden, Wesfarmers and the Commonwealth Bank among others and told them to “stick to their knitting”.

He took particular issue with Qantas CEO Alan Joyce, saying: “Alan Joyce, the individual, is perfectly entitled to campaign for and spend his hard earned money on any issue he sees fit but don’t do it in the official capacity and with shareholders money.

“And certainly don’t use an iconic brand and the might of a multi-billion dollar business on issues best left to the judgment of issues and elected decision makers.”

Thirty of Australia’s largest companies recently banded together to urge the government to legalise gay marriage.

Dutton is one of the most conservative voices in the Liberal Party and said the government would “not be bullied” into changing its stance on gay marriage.

He went on to claim some companies had only signed up to support marriage equality because they were scared of being boycotted by activists.

“The reality is that some companies are morally coerced into supporting campaigns in fear of being extorted by an online social media push to boycott their product,” he said.

Do you think Peter Dutton is right here? Or is he out of line? Should gay marriage be legalised?

  1. Greg Martin  

    Of course it should be legalized. Dutton was elected to do the bidding of the people, not push his own trolley. He would do well to remember that. If he can’t do the bidding of the people, he should leave.

    • Benson Kane  

      Dutton is doing the bidding of the people since the majority of the people voted in favor of the plebiscite at the last election.

    • Benson Kane  

      A gay CEO like Allan Joyce {or any other CEO} should not use A publicly listed company name like Qantas to bully the government to force them to break a promise which they’ve made during the election campaign.

    • Elaine  

      Totally agree, here he is telling the CEOs to mind their business and leave these decisions to the parliament when it is the people who should decide as the parl. work for the people and should let us make the decision. Go gay marriage

    • Phil Ainsworth  

      Greg I wonder what the people want. I think a vote on would be Dutton way of thinking, so he would be doing the bidding of the people. I personally believe in equal rights, but believe a vote is required

  2. Alysious Kamara  

    Legalizing gay and Lesbians will turn Australia into Sodom and Gomorrah . Peter Dutton is politically correct on this, no debate.

    • Benson Kane  

      We totally agree with your comment and also with Peter Dutton decision.

    • Dave Pritchard  

      What century are you living in my friend ?? Many of us are atheist. Many of us have, or have had, gay friends and relatives. Those I have known have in any way been detrimental to society as a whole,only being “of concern” to antiquated Godbotherers, presumably such as yourself. Equality had nothing to do with religion, other than that many religious people don’t want equality for anyone who doesn’t agree with their version of things. We’re not Saudi Arabia here, we DO believe in all sorts of rights for people.

      • How dare you talk about Sodom and Gomorrah…..What do you think your priests were doing to all those innocent children? The topic here is about consenting adults who love each other, you hypocrite.

      • Sorry David that should have gone to Alysious. I’m so angry didn’t send it properly

    • You hypocrite, how dare you talk about Sodom and Gomorrah after what your priests did to innocent children. The topic here is about consenting adults who love each other. Even your Jesus accepted all manner of people.

    • /Colin  

      HA HA HA … you don’t even know the true story about Sodom and Gomorrah. NEWS flash it was nothing to do with homosexuals but Dirty Married Men trying to have it off with virgin FEMALES. IF the Corporations had said unequal rights in Australia is good, would he have said the same. I don’t think so. IT is about equal rights nothing more and nothing less. But I guess Alysious will now say it leads to bestiality. go back to your Christian church and talk to your Catholic priests about their paedophilia.

  3. Guy Flavell  

    Labor and the imbecilic Greens are totally to blame for this SSM debacle.
    If they’d approved the legislation in the Senate and the plebiscite had gone
    ahead then we would most likely have had marriage equality in this country
    today. SHAME LABOR/GREENS !!!

  4. Ray  

    Peter Sutton is 100% right. We saw Telstra running scared when they agreed then disagreed then agreed again. Marriage is between a man and woman. Call it civil ceremony but leave marriage out of it. More important and bigger fish to fry out there like the safety of the people of this country

  5. Ray  

    Peter dutton is 100% right. We saw Telstra running scared when they agreed then disagreed then agreed again. Marriage is between a man and woman. Call it civil ceremony but leave marriage out of it. More important and bigger fish to fry out there like the safety of the people of this country

    • Gail Gordon  

      You mean like the inland Rail Barnaby Joyce talks about, its been on the agenda longer than the Gay Marriage Debate and is still a pipe dream! A plebiscite will end like the republic debate! Hijacked.. Politicians are elected to do a job. Barnaby says he is concerned about the rights of the children of Gay partners? If so concerned put them under the same laws as you have ” legislated” for children of straight marriages. i.e. child support, With rights comes responsibilities Gays are no less responsible than straight parents.. Separation of church and State Barnaby! Is your catholic upbringing influencing your decision? What is your position on priests violating the rights of children would you legislate to protect them? I think not. .

  6. Ron T  

    Marriage is a union between a man and a woman. Adam & Eve NOT Adam & Steve. NEVER NEVER NEVER should any same sex union be called a marriage.

    • Richard  

      You can have a marriage of ideas and of all sorts of things. The naming is not important, it is the legality that matters!

  7. Dazza  

    Must nearly be time that Oz got up to speed with the rest of the developed countries and got this Gay MARRIAGE thing sorted. It is Real, ir is Honorable and unlike the cathoild Priets who push theri happy little barrow, no children will be scarified or have nightmares for life, if gay blokes get married. he priest onthe other hand wants to babble about sancitty and Adam and Eve. The chatolic church and indeed the other christian relgions have no voice in the gay marriage debate, thay have exhasusted their qulification to have a view becuse they could not even protect our children . Take a chilce, let you child be baby sat by a priest, or a gay bloke that is HAPPILY married. No contest. So the christian rambles shoiuld just shut up and let the rest of the world function in a proper and respectable way. I am not threatend by gay marriage, I dont personally care , but I will fight for THEM to have a just and honorable life- unlike the past 100 years of child sexual abuse!!

  8. Peter Bell  

    Well personally I can’t see the point of marriage, seems it mostly ends in tears, domination or suppression of one part of the union, but forgive me if I’m mistaken I thought we lived in a society of equality, that means we all have the same writes. Time this argument was put to bed legalise and let’s move on, believe me the world won’t end.

    • Carol Mills  

      Totally agree. Marriage does suck arse, but I’ll fight for the right for ALL Australians to be wed if they so desire. Wake up Dutton, we did not vote for decision makers, we voted for people who would carry out the decisions of the majority of the people.

  9. Diandra  

    Peter Dutton……. the man scared to death of OneNation.

  10. James McConnell  

    Peter Dutton should spend less time bagging people who are making comments on social matters and shut up, after all we do have freedom of speech in this country. As the saying goes “If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen’, criticism comes with the job.
    If Dutton spent more time practising to be a Minister who knows he may get it right eventually.

  11. Auke Bruinsma  

    Government should stick to the issues of running the country and govern to the mandate given, not social issues.

  12. Murray Walker  

    Gay marriage debate is just a distraction Mr Dutton, you and the rest of the elected representatives need to get on with the job you were elected to do sort out the mess this country is in. People should be able to marry as they like it’s nobody’s business but the individuals involved. Church and Government keep out.

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