Aussie actor slammed over “horrific” Bourke St calls

We all saw the footage of the Bourke St tragedy and mourned with Melbourne over the loss of six people,
Actor Peter Kusznir is a conspiracy theorist who doesn't believe the Bourke St tragedy happened. Source: YouTube

We all saw the footage of the Bourke St tragedy and mourned with Melbourne over the loss of six people, including two children.

But there’s one Aussie actor who reportedly believes it never happened.

NewsCorp reports that Peter Kusznir, who appeared in episodes of Neighbours and Underbelly, is a conspiracy theorist who believes “no car went down Bourke Street”.

Yes, that’s right, despite all the horrible footage of the accused driver Dimitrious Gargasoulas, Kusznir has questioned the attack in a series of online videos.

In the videos he reportedly questions the injuries of those caught up in the tragedy, as well as make “horrific” comments about the families of victims and some anti-Semetic comments.

And if that doesn’t make you mad enough, the actor went so far as to call a hospital and pretend to be a friend of one of the injured.

In one of the online videos he called the Royal Melbourne Hospital 10 days after the tragedy and pretended to be a friend of Nathalie Hakin, whose daughter Thalia was killed on Bourke St.

“I just arrived in Melbourne yesterday in regards to this tragedy that happened last week … an old friend of mine is apparently in Melbourne Hospital … I was just wondering when visiting hours were,” he said.


“She’s been there for about a week now … her name is Nathalie Hakin.”

When he was told she had been moved to another hospital he asked “does that mean she is in good condition?”

But he didn’t stop there.

Kusznir’s call was transferred to another hospital and he continued his questions.

When he was asked for his name, he responded by saying “does it really matter?”

“Is this the general thing you do when someone calls to ask for visiting hours? So if I don’t give you my name you’re not going to give me details?” he said.

Then he was transferred to a nurse, who told him there was a blockage on who could visit Ms Hakin and that she needed a name.

 “Is she well? Because she was in a critical condition only a few days ago. Can I just ask: ‘What’s the big secret?” Kusznir said.

“She was involved in a big tragedy and I just want to visit and give her flowers.

“I think she’s not even injured.”

The videos, which were reported to police, were viewed tens of thousands of times.

And to make matters even worse, there were reportedly comments on there from people who believe the Bourke St tragedy is a conspiracy.

How disgraceful is that?

What do you think of Peter Kusznir’s actions? Should he be punished for his actions?



  1. David Anderson  

    For a start I’ve never heard of this idiot on screen, and, yes, sounds like he should be locked up, and fast, to receive psychiatric examination of some kind.

    • Pc  

      Well if you’ve never heard of someone, they mustn’t exist.
      Before you comment on something, read every word written about it, watch every video.
      Then if you still can’t see the truth, you never will. You people that believe this staged event was real, either haven’t seen any footage of the “aftermath ” or you don’t know anything at all about Human behaviour.

  2. Peter McGrath  

    Unfortunately you can not jail someone for being a brain dead Neanderthal, just move on and don’t give him the attention he clearly doesn’t deserve.

    • Pc  

      The only brain dead people are the ones that believe this was real, to live in a world and not see what is happening right in front of you is sad. To blindly trust Billionaires like Murdoch to give you the truth about what’s going on in the world, now that’s what I call crazy.
      So trusting those Billionaires, your best interests are all they ever think of.

      WAKE UP

      • Matt  

        Go on his channel and watch his videos before you call him anything he’s very passionate about the truth oh and they made him delete all his evidence on the Melbourne hoax which was overwhelming. But if people see undeniable evidence and still deny it then they’re the brain dead ones, only god can help us I think

  3. CW Wade  

    I am very familiar with Peekay Truth and he is a well known stalker and predator of high profile crime victims. The fact he used to be an actor is not relevant to the racist, hoaxer violence he now preaches. This was not his first stalk of a victim by any stretch. Australia needs to wake up to what this animal is doing to people and throw him in jail. If editor want to know some of his other victims, email me.

    • Matt  

      I can’t believe you know him well and can still say all this crap you must be part of the big fake show. How does it feel to grow up and become a worm

  4. Dana Hawkes  

    Obviously something mentally wrong with him.

  5. Ian  

    He should never get an acting job anywhere again and there’s got to be something he can be charged with, perhaps stalking. Lock him up!!!

  6. Ellen Rippingale  

    I wish he wouldn’t swear so much but Peter has a keen eye and his analysis of fake news is spot-on.

    • Andy  

      Are you serious? As someone who was present in Bourke Street I find that incredibly offensive. Go find a rock and climb under it.

      • Peter Brooks  

        Why don’t you investigate Peekay’s claims and debunk them, then? Otherwise you just seem like a fake person appealing to emotion instead of evidence

  7. Scott Royer  

    Crazy. Unless of course he is correct.

    • Matt  

      He is correct they made him delete all his evidence that says enough

  8. David Rubinstein Greenblatt  

    A very busy street in Melbourne and they actually cant deliver a single second of someone being run over. Just a bunch of crisis actors. Deliver one actual shot of of Nice, Berlin or Melbourne. There is none, because its fake.

    • Dead R.G.  

      How much footage did you capture Greensplatt? When someone stabs Peekay’s keen eyes out at his court appearance, we’ll ignore his cries of pity and write off his blindness as ‘fake’

  9. Vy  

    Peter is an amazing guy. Car atack was fake. Hoax.

  10. Who has seen ‘horrific’ footage of this staged event? Nobody! Because all of the footage shown shows not only no victims, but the driver makes a point to NOT hit anybody. Director in Blue waving his arms and telling him and the other actors what to do. He did not impersonate anybody, either. More fake news from The Fake News. Stop lying and help humanity by telling the truth, you hacks.

    • Rebecca M  

      Hi – I left a comment a few days ago but it didn’t appear. It was something along the lines of, it is important not to ignore these hoaxers. They are like a virus and the community needs to stand up to them. Demonising innocent victims of crime and deliberately publishing disinformation (some of it flagrantly falsified) is not all they do. There are criminals among them who have been linked to violent crimes.

      Less than 24 hours after being issued with a restraining order, Kusznir went on Youtube and bemoaned how HE was the one being victimised by the police and the media.This act alone could further endanger the family for whom the protection order was issued as his nutcase followers seek to avenge the injustice they perceive to have been visited upon their ‘hero’.

      Having watched him and his followers for several years, there is no doubt that there are dangerous individuals among them.

      What I see above is a direct result of Kusznir continuing to collaborate with Youtube hoaxers, most likely trying to incite his followers to action. They call these kinds of comments ‘truth bombing’ and you can expect more. How can Kusznir’s continued participation in slandering the victims and putting them at risk be considered legal?

      Kusznir’s good friend, Robin Weigal of California, (who also gave him his platform today) created a video in which he focuses upon this article. He claims you are ‘liars’ trying to ‘brainwash’ people among other things. On Youtube he calls himself How I see the World.

      Weigal is being sued by one of the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, after he also called the hospital where the victim was recovering and pretended to be ‘an old school friend’. What followed was truly disgusting.

      Victims of crime shouldn’t have to live with this on top of the tragedy they have already been dealt.
      I really hope you can do a follow up article on this issue.

      Here is the link to Weigal’s video about you:

  11. Diana  

    Peter Kusznir is an investigative reporter, unlike the Fake News MSM. Those so-called MSM reporters just repeat what they are told to by their ‘bosses’. He never impersonated anyone and was asking for the visiting hours to the hospital. How “Horrific.’ There is NO coverage of anyone getting hit by that car on Bourke Street. And he’s crazy?

  12. Sandy H.  

    You are a disgraceful mainstream Parrot .

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