Over-60s behind the lens: Sunsets

Sunset photos from the Travel at 60 community
"I like this shot because it shows two of the three forms of energy on which mainland Australia must further depend, wind and solar." - John Reid

Watching the sun go down at the end of the day is a magical moment, but when it’s experienced on holiday it makes your time away all the more special.

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Whether you’re doing a spot of fishing and watch the horizon become ablaze with colours of red and orange, or see the stark silhouettes emerge as the day begins to fade, the colours, shapes and feelings are worth capturing.

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Here are but a few of the sunset photos our community of active over-60s have contributed. Their love of travelling the world and taking in the beauty of the everyday moments that surround them is a real treat to witness. 

What are your favourite travel photos? Send your [email protected] to be featured. 

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