7 clever uses for duct tape when you travel

May 19, 2019
If your suitcase comes off the luggage carousel with a broken handle, use duct tape for a quick and easy fix. Source: Getty

Packing for a cruise can be tricky, however there’s one simple thing that you can pack that is guaranteed to make your trip less stressful and – believe it or not – it’s a roll of duct tape. From luggage malfunctions to broken flip-flops, duct tape can be used to repair almost everything. Here are some reasons why this multi-purpose adhesive is at the top of many cruisers’ packing lists.

Remove lint from clothes

Should you forget to bring your lint roller along with you, duct tape will work wonders as a replacement. Cut a wide strip of tape and place it on the item of clothing in the same direction as the weave of the fabric. Rub the tape down a few times, then rip it off quickly. Repeat as needed until the lint has gone, it’s that easy!

Mend clothing

While wandering around during your sightseeing adventures, there’s a chance that your flip-flops might break or the hem of your trousers, dress or blazer could unravel, duct tape will work in a pinch. Just put some duct tape on the inside to keep it in place, and no one will ever know! You can also make your slippers waterproof by covering the bottom by layers of duct tape.

Seal a leaky bottle

There is nothing worse than opening up your suitcase when travelling to find that either your shampoo or body wash has leaked all over your belongings. To prevent a bottle from accidentally spilling open, wrap duct tape around the top of it to seal it off.

Mark your luggage

Luggage tag fall off during transit? Don’t worry! Duct tape also is a great substitute for a luggage tag and a good all-round bag identifier. There’s multicoloured tape available that makes it easy to locate your case in the sea of other bags.

Fix your luggage

On the topic of bags, should you need to repair yours for the nicks and scratches that are a part and parcel of travel, just tape over it with some duct tape. Meanwhile, if your suitcase comes off the luggage carousel with a broken handle, use duct tape for a quick and easy fix.

Make a sink plug

Hand washing your clothes in the sink is one of the most popular and easy ways for holiday-makers to clean their garments. But if you left your universal sink plug at home and you need to do some laundry, don’t fret! Just put some duct tape over the drain, add soap, fill with hot water and you’ll be good to go — a rolled up sock or washcloth works too.

Heal blisters

Another surprising benefit of duct tape is its ability to heal blisters. Now, it does work best if applied before blisters form, but if you’re too late, place a small piece of paper or tissue over the wound and then cover with duct tape, until you can get to bandages or antibiotic cream.

What other uses of duct tape do you know of? Are there any other essential cruise travel items?

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