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We all know the benefits of regular exercise for our bodies – but how often have you stopped to think about the benefits for our minds too? Being “active” often means different things to different people, but we can all recognise how any form of exercise is great for both our physical and mental health.

Last weekend we shared Brian’s story (click here to read it) and learned about how getting active helped him mentally as well as physically.

So today, let’s talk about how you have kept yourself – body and mind – active throughout the years. Have you found something new that you enjoy? Is there an activity you have loved for many years? Share your thoughts, stories and comments below…

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  1. Does anyone know of any activities that would suit ‘over 60’s’ people who still work full time please? e.g. after 5pm..

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    • Not sure where you live. But a lot of the bigger cities have lunch time activities in local parks. And I believe Tai Chi is really great for people our age.

    • Lots of gyms are now open later or even 24 hrs and offer Active Classes for Seniors … I go to 1-hr classes twice a week and really enjoy the combo of weights, strength training, cardio and core work.

    • I’ve started to go to tai chi. It is not demanding on the body and there are lots of different places that do it. It has helped with my balance and is calming. I hope you find something that interests you Gail.

    • Aqua aerobics at council pools is good . There are often very early or late afternoon/evening classes. Have fun!!!

    • I go to Yoga and dancing once a week and I walk on the weekends or when I have time.

  2. Until my physiologist said I need weight training to strengthen my upper body muscles, I had never used weights. I do 20 minutes every day now and have progressed from 1.5kg to 4 kg. They have not only helped my breathing but I have lost 4 kgs and six inches around my middle. I love to walk too and this training has got me walking a kilometre a day nearly every day, which is way more than I was doing since contracting Chronic Bronchitis. I feel guilty if I don’t do my weights now. 🙂

  3. line dancing has been a fantastic way to keep everything moving .you have to remember the routines as well as physically do it so have exercised the brain .The regular get togethers (called socials) mean you are out and about quite a bit so you have a complete social activity going on ,it is great .

  4. Agree staying active is what we need, one of the reasons our homes should not be included in any pension benefits! We garden, walk and are kept active looking after our dogs, chooks, and various pets!

  5. 3 days a week aerobics. Lot stronger in upper body. Have a bad right knee but specialist said don’t stop. Best thing I have done in years.

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