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The notorious case of South Australia’s missing Beaumont children has mystified police for years, but fresh leads could mean they are closing in on the culprit.

The Beaumont children, Jane, 9, Arnna, 7, and Grant, 4, disappeared from Glenelg Beach near Adelaide on Australia Day, 26 January 1966.

Their disappearance made headlines around the country, but despite their best efforts police are yet to crack the case 50 years later.

However, a new surge of calls to CrimeStoppers and tip-offs from anonymous people have given police fresh hope.

Crime Stoppers has received 246 calls since the start of the year, with 37 people nominated as ‘persons of interest’.

Detective Superintendent Des Bray says police are digging through the information to try to find something that could point them in the right direction.

“Each piece of information provided to Crime Stoppers is reviewed, assessed and followed up where appropriate.

“This is a case which has never reached the point where there are no leads to follow, despite the passage of time.

“We know that the next phone call or fresh piece of credible information could provide us with what we need to bring these children home to their parents.”

In January, Superintendent Bray admitted time was running out on solving the mystery, but was optimistic that they would be able to find new information and leads from the tip-offs.

“With the passage of time, we’ve had some witnesses die, we’ve had some witnesses that are elderly and recollections have passed … certainly the number of witnesses is in decline,” he said at the time.

“The person who committed this offence if alive today would be somewhere between 70 and 100.”

A $1 million reward has been offered to anyone who can offer fresh information on the case.

Do you remember when the Beaumont children disappeared? Have you followed this case over the years?

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  1. I certainly hope they get the bastard who did this but he/she is probably so old they would get away with it anyway. If the person is dead, I hope they rot in hell

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    • I agree. I just wish they would find out who did it and recover their remains. It has gone on far too long. Whoever was responsible should should finally show some decency and respect. The family have suffered so much.

    • I agree. I just wish they would find out who did it and recover their remains. It has gone on far too long. Whoever was responsible should should finally show some decency and respect. The family have suffered so much.

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      • Funny how police are being given anonymous information on Crime Stoppers all these years later. Could this mean the person has now passed , but some suspected them all along and never spoke up?

  2. This case reminds me of the Wanda Beach murders. That hasnt been solved yet either, has it?

  3. There was also the Bogle/ Chandler case I don’t recall that being solved either?? Or did I miss something….

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    • The Bogle/Chandler case has been attributed to a release of poisonous gas from the polluted Lane Cove river, which overcame the victims. Afterwards, someone came along and moved the bodies, without informing police. So, not a murder.

    • I thought the conclusion in the Bogle/Chandler case was that they had most likely died from inhaling hydrogen sulfide gases given off by the river. Haven’t heard any more on that case since.

      Lets hope more conclusive evidence comes forth in the Beaumont case . As a 14yr old when it happened, I vividly remember the case and hope that one day it can be solved once and for all.

  4. Very sad case. I’ve never forgotten it, it’s still fresh in my mind as if it were yesterday after all these years and I hope whomever was involved get their just dessert……

  5. We also have a 3 young women murder crime The Claremont Killer in WA still at large somewhere.

    We need to find these people. asap.
    Never give up.

  6. People who have withheld information about these children should be ashamed of themselves. Those poor parents. One child lost is horrific but there are no words for losing three children all at once. All i can say is Bless the children & I hope karma caught up with the perpetrators.

  7. I still remember the day I heard of the Beaumont Children, I was 13yrs and have followed every bit of news since but I don’t hold any hope of the low life scum ever being caught now. Every year they say they have new evidence. Too many missing and too many walking around getting away with it.

  8. I was 15 and remember very vividly, how can 3 children disappear and never be heard of again. I hope they catch the B…… and if still alive hang him. I cannot imagine how the parents are feeling after 50 years if still alive. How devastating for them not knowing. If not alive where are they?????

  9. and also Joanne Ratcliffe and Kirste Gordon who disappeared from Adelaide Oval on August 25th, 1973. They are still missing

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    • For years my wife has said that Joanne and Kirsty are or were located in an old farmhouse just out of Dublin on the Port Wakefield Road she has reported it to authorities and media to no avail and the Beaumont children are near the old Townsend House site in an underground pipe which collapsed and buried them. Her mother would say if we drove past the site that the kids are here she did have quite a few premonitions that were very accurate especially concerning the person that owned Castalloy a Mr Phipps and during that time she actually worked there.

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      • I wonder if the theory of the pipe collapse was ever checked. .Children are very adventurous…

    • I was just thinking of the girls who went missing in Adelaide. At the footy.

  10. I was 18 at the time and remember it very well. It was and is tragic. I just wonder if they will ever find who took them. It always just seemed incredible that 3 children could go missing together, and no signs of them left. Shock and weird really.

  11. With the new rush of information, I’m wondering if the person who took them has just died. Just a thought.

  12. as a mother and a father your life would be over is this happened to you so tragic hope they find the person who did this

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