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While the debate rages on over Nine personality Sonia Kruger’s views on immigration another familiar face has come out to support Sonia during these times.

Speaking to the Daily Mail while attending the 2016 Helpmann Awards in Sydney, TV personality Kerri-Anne Kennerley had a simple message for Sonia, “Stay brave.”

The 62-year-old thought it was all “appalling beyond belief” when referencing the online backlash that Sonia has had to endure since she made her comments. Kerri-Anne stated “I think it’s appalling – with freedom of speech – where people have an opinion and everybody else finds the need to slam someone”. Kerri-Ann concluded “We are living in a democratic country. We do need people to have varying opinions and it should be treated with respect so therefore everybody should have their freedom of expression.”

While many are still debating the issue online which has polarized a lot of people, there are many that are calling for Sonia to resign. While others believe that a personality that is asked what their personal opinion is even if it’s on-air should be free to speak their mind, hence “freedom of speech.”

The Daily Mail reporter also asked Kerri-Ann about the health of her husband John, who was left with spinal cord injuries after a fall last March. “My dear husband he is still in hospital; he will be until the end of the year working hard”.

Kerri-Ann was wearing an amazing yellow sequinned bodice with floral print dress that shined on the red carpet.  She said “I got this in January in Los Angeles”.  Kerri-Ann look magnificent and cheered the night of awards on as the musical Matilda dominated the evening.

Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images AsiaPac
Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images AsiaPac

Is this issue ever going to be put to rest? Are there going to be more polarizing comments from people as the debate rages on?


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  1. Sonia Kruger is certainly entitled to her opinion but others are just as entitled to give theirs.

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    • But not to attack her for giving hers in the first place

    • The big difference is that Sonia Kruger wasn’t launching a personal attack on an individual. She was expressing concerns regarding a belief system that has been proven to provide a breeding ground for radicalisation.

    • Its a weird world. We ask a politician or public figure for an opinion and we lambast them for evasive, bland, incoherent responses, yet when someone else is asked an opinion, we tear them to shreds for telling it as they see it. Who in their right mind in this day and age, would consider being in the public eye.

  2. What issue are you talking about, maybe its the issue of the Muslim’s killing spree which has been raging for 1400 years? If so, then it is not going away, just getting to the climax they have been working towards for these past 1400 years.

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    • You are so bloody right so why let them come here they are not goingg to change there ideas.Old saying .One rotten apple spiols the hole box

  3. Good for you Kerri-Ann for defending Sonia’s right to her opinion. Last I heard this was a free country. Good on Sonia Kruger for saying what she thinks, many Australians, including me, think the same way, and won’t say so because of the risk of being abused for being racist.

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    • Very well said Margaret, I’m with you all the way.

  4. Ho Hum kerri-ann …. another has been. In ratio to the population, a very small percentage of Muslims kill, but so did and do the Christians, and so did the British. lets ban them as well

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    • Colin are you Waleed Aly in disguise? Trying to deflect the issue being discussed here.

  5. While we live in Australia we should abide by Australia’s laws, all those who agreed with these comments do so for the same reasons, no matter from which race or religion that the problems are from I’m sure we would feel the same to keep us from harm & fear, It just so happens that at this point in time its the radical Muslims. If you remember most migrants that came to Australia many years ago , they came with nothing to a country with very little but a future & so they worked hard & built this country into a wonderful multicultured Australia. With their own battles for being as what they were called “WOGS” but they were determined to make this place their home & so the people were well accepted by living together in harmony & respecting their race & religion. GOD BLESS AUSTRALIA & we should so everything to keep it as it has been.

  6. Well done Kerri Ann… glad someone in the ‘business’ shows public support for Sonia.
    We are gradually losing the right of freedom of speech in this country.

  7. Sonia is entitled to say what she likes and the media should be very ashamed of themselves of witch hunting her. A lot of Australians think the same way example why Pauline Hanson has been elected.

  8. For me the most important issue in this sorry saga is the rude, obscene and terrible way people disagree. It’s not what you say but how you say it and people who call others bigots are usually worse bigots themselves.

  9. Sonia should not have to resign over this its rediculous that it has gone on this long,stay strong Sonia ,don’t resign and don’t let them bully you into resigning!

  10. Yes it is our right .Freedom of Speech…But not all of us have the opportunity to speak our mind in every Australians lounge room..I think when you are in the public eye . One must be considerate to the majority of feelings you are speaking too….Take the cameras away and we are all equal……

  11. Sonia Kruger is speaking up for all those of us who don’t have a voice, she’s one hundred and ten per cent right!

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