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It’s been a decade of endless love for Australian sweethearts Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, which in Hollywood years is considered a lifetime.

In a candid new radio interview, the country star revealed his secret to keeping the spark alive.

Speaking to 2day FM radio hosts Rove and Sam, the country music star confessed that a strong friendship comes first.

“We just love being together, more than anything,” he said, adding, “we’re just like best friends.”

While the star admits that each individual couple shares their own recipe for success, he believes that his and Nicole’s true passion for “doing everything together” has helped them last.

Reiterating that it really is that simple for them, the 48-year-old quips, “That’s it, we’re the priority and everything else comes after that.”

Indeed, It’s hard to believe it’s been ten years since Nicole and Keith wed in a moving ceremony on the stunning grounds of St Patrick’s Estate in Sydney’s iconic Manly.

Since then, the power couple have welcomed two beautiful daughters Sunday Rose, eight, and Faith Margaret, six, and their fairy-tale romance only continues to soar.

While Nicole looks back on their time together as “the best ten years of our lives”, her only regret is that their paths didn’t cross sooner.

“I wish I could have met him much earlier and had way more children with him, but I didn’t. I mean, if I could have had two more children with him that would have been just glorious,” Nicole remarked.

Both Nicole and Keith cite their parents’ successful relationships as a source of inspiration in working hard at theirs.

“We are really so inspired by our parents who both celebrated 50-year wedding anniversaries,” the actress told us earlier in the year.

Isn’t it great to know about them being so in love?

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  1. Good job and I hope ur future stays together ur so in love and that’s what people need to see more of in today’s world work together and a relationship will stay together forever love u both it was great to see u Kieth urban in Sept in Edmonton Alberta

  2. I believe this couple really do care for one another and I think it so wonderful. It gives you hope that there is real love out there. Hope they stay together forever. Bless them and their family!

  3. As long as he stays off the drugs, that’s the only way it may continue, as is.

    I’m no ‘fan’ of either, & her ‘marriage’ to Cruise, was just to further her Hollywood career!

    1 REPLY
    • Nicole Kidman was well known austrialian actress before her ex came along and family have monies, too, she didn’t needs to marry up.

      1 REPLY
      • Your reply makes no ‘sense’ at all!

        Learn to spell, punctuate, & phrase the English Language correctly………….

  4. This is one marriage I hope that will last forever. They are the most handsome couple in the universe…..wish them both every happiness till the end of time…..Be forever happy….

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