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As ALDI continuously dominated the affordable supermarket segment, supermarket giants Woolworths and Coles have now slashed the price of big ticket products in half, in an effort to keep up with Aldi.

Shoppers are set to save hundreds of dollars a week as variety of items have been reduced by as much as 50 per cent including washing powder, joint and arthritis vitamins, frozen food, dishwash detergent, coffee, soft drinks, cleaning and hair products.

The discount prices follow Coles and Woolworths cutting the costs of their home brand products by as much as 25 per cent earlier this year, reports Daily Mail.
“It is important for our products to be more affordable so that’s why we’ve dropped the price on these products, giving our customers real savings at the checkout,” Coles Managing Director John Durkan said in July this year.

Coles have slashed their prices in a bid to bring customers back. Photo: Coles website.
Coles have slashed their prices in a bid to bring customers back. Photo: Coles website.

Woolworths refuses to be left behind and they are playing the game with 40 to 50 different product ranges across the store becoming cheaper.

Hot deals at Woolworths ranging from vitamins to dishwasher tablets. Photo: Woolworths website.
Hot deals at Woolworths ranging from vitamins to dishwasher tablets. Photo: Woolworths website.

“We know how important this particularly is for families, where every dollar counts, but parents also don’t want to compromise on quality. That’s why we have launched Little One’s,” said the Woolworths spokesperson to Daily Mail.

The most expensive items of the supermarket giant’s shelves are the most heavily discounted and could help customers save around $150 a week.

Aldi may be starting to feel the pressure as Coles and Woolworths up the ante in the price war. In fact, on Wednesday it was reported the German supermarket chain’s market share in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria dropped to 11.7 per cent in June this year, down from 12 per cent in June 2015, according to the Daily Telegraph.
It was the first drop seen by the supermarket chain since it launched in Australia 15 years ago.

Do you think customers will be the winner at the end of the day?

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  1. I doubt the consumers will come out on top in the end. Monopolies are not healthy though in this case it comprises of two players, so the competition from Aldi and the soon to arrive other overseas chains will keep them on their toes.
    Why they cant accept the competition and roll with it defeats me but then its putting the little man down a bit like the LNP and ALP are trying to do to Pauline Hanson.

    1 REPLY
    • Avi Graham I heard a couple of months ago via the radio media that the other overseas chain “Lidl” (if that’s who you’re referring to) is now NOT coming to our shores. I only wish that they would to then stir up these other super-market chains just like you’ve mentioned that Pauline Hanson has done and good on her for doing so. Just like the 2 major politician parties ruling the roost the same goes for the 2 super-market chains, they all need a good shaking up.

      1 REPLY
      • What has this got to do with the lunatic Pauline Hanson? Are we going to have racism among the groceries? Oops, I don’t want to buy that potato, it’s too brown. Or will we go to places where no Asians or Muslims are working?

  2. Woolies & Coles have been making miles too much profit over the years and would continue fleecing the public if Aldi had not arrived with sensible prices . Aldi’s cleaning & general bathroom products are great and way way cheaper than the other two ex duopolies

  3. Here in New Zealand we have Countdown and New World. Pak’n’Save has cheaper prices, for those who don’t mind the way they operate. Nosh is a later arrival with a different class of product. It will be interesting to see how they do.
    Me? Countdown, but there isn’t a convenient local New World.
    One grumble, too much supermarket space here is now taken up with beer and wine. And I won’t buy that packaged meat!

  4. look at what is discounted………stuff you can do without…………………where’s the meat and veg discount…………………..bread,milk butter………everyday stuff

  5. Where we live its Woolworths or an horrendously expensive IGA – obviously we choose Woolies.

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