Bronwyn Bishop set to defend 16 years of expenses 478



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By now Bronwyn Bishop has got the message loud and clear that her apology yesterday, three weeks after the “choppergate” scandal first took off, is not enough.

In a bid to improve her standing and, presumably keep her job, a federal investigation has been launched into Mrs Bishops expenses claims dating back to 1999.

At the Speaker’s request, Tony Abbott has asked the finance department to examine her entire history of parliamentary expenses, including travel to the 1999 wedding of Liberal powerbroker Michael Kroger.

If the finance department suspects any criminal activity, it will refer the matter to the Australian Federal Police, according to Sky News.

Mrs Bishop has said she is sorry for the $5000 chopper flight, which she has paid back with a 25 per cent fee, and that she will pay back any further questionable claims, but has maintained she won’t step down from her prestige role.

By throwing open her books, so to speak, Bronwyn Bishop remains defiant. She is saying, “yes, I have travelled from the taxpayer’s purse but I am entitled to do so”.

And there’s the rub. While Mrs Bishop clearly cannot see she has done anything wrong, the public and her colleagues think otherwise.

Mrs Bishop is expected to face a no-confidence motion when parliament resumes on August 10, despite the Prime Minister’s insistence she has his confidence.

Liberal frontbencher Kelly O’Dwyer says the Finance Department’s report should be made public.

“There can be no opaqueness when it comes to the use of taxpayer dollars,” she says.


What do you think of Bronwyn Bishop’s latest move? Will it help her regain confidence? 

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  1. sorry but she does need to go – and she should surely step down,if she wants the liberals to move forward -she should have known better after all she has been doing this for a while.

  2. This woman has no decency when it comes to taxpayers money. If she can’t see that she is wrong, she is the wrong person for the job!

  3. For her to say yes I have traveled on the taxpayer purse & am entitled to it shows the arrogance of this woman, Abbot needs to grow some balls & get rid of her & set an example for anyone in government.

    24 REPLY
    • I think she should stay until a full list of everyone who has overspent pays back every cent plus penalties otherwise it proves that this is a Labor vendetta for Bill Shorten taking a business bribe while supposedly meant to be negotiating for his workers and then conveniently using that $40,000 to pay his campaign manager and finally just declaring it 8 years later when he knew that he had been found out by the Royal Commission into Union Corruption. Should he step down or repay the $40,000 plus penalty???? Only fair. Should the Labor Queensland wedding RAAF VIP Charter list be released and each politician and journalist, partner or friend refund the taxpayers of Australia by repaying the equivalent of their fares plus penalties. Only fair. Should Labor Senator Polley be thoroughly investigated for using helicopter charters instead or car travel to get around the tiny island of Tasmania, $26,000 plus penalties, Only far. Should Labor MP Kate Ellis, repay her birthday weekend in Melbourne with then boyfriend now husband David, football match, nightclub,upgraded accommodation and compllimentary gift, which she boasted about on her facebook page, comcar charges, airfares, etc, charged to the taxpayers of Australia. Seems only fair. She covered it off by going to a childcare centre for 10 minutes. This is the MP having a go at Bronwyn Bishop on TV by the way. How about those Labor MPs and Senator who took advantage of Eddie Obeid’s ski lodge and Shadow Attorney General, Mark Dreyfus who charged his travel to and from to the taxpayers of Australia. By the way Clive Palmer saying Bronwyn Bishop should resign because of her age 72 years is not onky insulting but totally wrong as there is no age where a person has to resign under the law and the parliament is a workplace. Bill Shorten might like to enlighten him on this matter. Tony Burke certainly doesn’t come out smelling like roses for his bullying in the workplace from day one of the Speaker’s appointment either as well as his overuse of politician’s entitlements. Yes the whole place needs a clean out. So yes persue Bronwyn Bishop if you wish as long as you investigate every other politician, staffer and public servant. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing and freedom of information even better.

    • and No one in the Liberal Party either Margrit especially Bishop, she should have been gone weeks ago

    • She should be given the same punishment as Slipper received, I don’t care what party did what, at the moment she is the one that should be gone & if others are proven guilty they should go as well, LNP supporters were happy to see him punished for less but keep making excuses for her, she’s a proven thief & should be sacked just like Slipper was Irene Hough

    • “IT SEEMS the man who led the charge for Bronwyn Bishop’s scalp over a luxury helicopter flight, is not shy about cashing in his own parliamentary entitlements taking his family on lavish taxpayer-funded holidays.

      It has been revealed Tony Burke took his family on a taxpayer-funded business class trip to Uluru during the 2012 school holidays and also used a family reunion entitlement to take four family members from Ballina back to Sydney during the 2010 school holidays.”

    • News Corp reports the Speaker followed up the $5,000 flight with ANOTHER Liberal Fundraiser at Oaks Day in Melbourne. She’s yet to repay more than $4,000 in other expenses for the trip, including airfares. Even after the chopper flight she has rorted more..enough is enough

    • they have got her for another one, she is so old history, she has the hide of Jesse the Elephant

    • Slipper sent lewd texts, and falsified cab charge dockets , it wasn’t the money . Lewd texts were verified as were dockets

    • Well how come Labor never got rid of Thompson when they were in power and what he did was 100000 times worse!!

    • they tossed him out of the ALP Jeanette Earle, he sat as an Independent and the rorting he did was not Parliament..when is Abbott going to toss Bishop out of the Liberal Party?

    • And Jeanette Earle your the one that said yesterday that I sit back & receive taxpayer money each week, explain that, I work hard for my money & pay my tax, shows just how much you know about what your talking about.

    • Dawn Bruce you LNP troll Peter Slipper was at least an unbiased speaker unlike Bronwyn Bishop who would be by far the most biased speaker in Australia’s historyand that also what rankles people as well as the travel rorts…

    • If Abbott gets rid of her he will have to sack the whole cabinet including himself…and in all probability half the back bench as well.

  4. She has not changed her position, when she first came out publicly she said the best apology was to pay the money back, there was no apology at all until yesterday, she only apologized to keep her job, she is only sorry she was caught

  5. She deserves a medal i reckon for showing the people just what our politicians on all 3 levels get up to. The total arrogance and ignorance of these people is unbelievable.

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