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Using your Seniors Card isn’t just as easy as whipping it out whenever you enter a store – in fact many businesses change their policies from year to year. Last year, we provided you with a list on where to use your card, and now we’ve got an updated list for 2016!

We want to provide this list as we realised that many of our readers don’t know where to find out what businesses have concessions on their products or services until we go there.

And not only have we found discounts across Australia, we’ve found the discount directory websites for each state (plus New Zealand). On most you can search by location within your state as well as genre and proximity to you. Some even have downloadable and printable directories so you can have a copy with you.

Editor’s note: Please be advised that some of the below discounts may not apply in every state and may need to be verified before a discount can be offered. Each state and territory differs so if you have any questions, please contact the relevant Seniors Card agency in your state.

The following offers are subject to change 

Food and coffee

Subway – 10% discount for seniors

Hungry Jacks – Free tea/coffee/sml s’drink with burger or b’fast muffin

Brumby’s – Various senior discounts available – see in store for details.

Donut King – 2 free DK cinnamon donuts when you buy any DK hot drink.

The Cheesecake Shop – Purchase any full cake and get 10% discount.

Gloria Jean’s – 10% off drinks only. Not valid with any other offer.

Muffin Break – 10% off all purchases. Excludes specials & bundled offers.

BB’s cafe – 10% off Mon-Fri. Excl. combos/bottled drinks/other offers.

The Coffee Club – 10% discount on all full price food and drinks.

Sizzler – 20% off all day Mon-Wed and before 6pm Thur-Sun.

Lite ‘n’ Easy – 5% off

Hogs Breath – 10% discount – not to be used with any other offer or discount.

IGA – 5% discount every Wednesday at participating IGA stores.

Banjo’s – $1.50 fruit bun or scone with butter and jam, with any hot beverage purchased from our Bakery Cafe. Excludes other offers. Subject to availability.

McDonald’s – Free small coffee or tea with muffin or burger purchase. A valid Seniors Card must be presented when ordering to receive offer. Limit of one offer per person, per day.

KFC – 10% off all menu items, excluding coupons, vouchers and discounted meals.

Clothing and fashion

Lowes – 10% off original price items.

Strandbags – 10% off original marked price of any item.

Zelows – 10% off storewide. Online voucher code: SENIOR

Athlete’s Foot – 5% discount on all goods.

Prouds – 15% off the regular price of all jewellery and watches.

Goldmark – 15% off the original ticket price of jewellery & watches.


Andersons – 15% off ticketed price. Not valid with any other offer.

Harvey Norman – 10% discount. Excludes sale items.

Car rental

Europcar – visit the website for details on seniors deals

Avis – visit the website for details on seniors deals

Budget – visit the website for details on seniors deals


Tyrepower – 5% off RRP. Excludes advertised specials

UltraTune – 10% off MHS/major service. Excl. repairs

Midas – 10% off regular retail price of parts. Excl. promotions

Bob Jane T-Mart – 10% off services & 5% off products, excluding advertised specials.

Tint-A-Car – 15% discount off recommended retail price for all automotive window tinting.


Greyhound – 10% discount on full adult fare.

Escape Travel – $100 off all bookings over $2500pp. Further terms and conditions apply

Flight Centre – $50 off coach/cruise/holidays over $1500. T&C’s apply.


Dendy – Receive $10 tickets with free morning tea (coffee, tea and biscuits) for the very first morning session of the day, starting prior to 12pm, every Wednesday and Friday morning.

Event Cinemas – Cine Buzz members over the age of 60 get $8 standard tickets every day, morning tea screenings, free breakfast with eligible stays at Rydges Hotels & Resorts


Ask any bank for their discounts for seniors card holders.


QueenslandOnline discount directory search

New South WalesOnline discount directory search

Western Australia – Online discount directory search

South Australia2016 online directory to view online 

Australian Capital Territory – Online discount directory search and 2015-2017 PDF for download

Tasmania – 2016/2017 downloadable directory 2016/2017

Northern TerritoryOnline discount directory search

Victoria – Online discount directory search

New Zealand


Editor’s note: Please be advised that some of the above discounts may not apply in every state and may need to be verified before a discount can be offered. Each state and territory differs so if you have any questions, please contact the relevant Seniors Card agency. 

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  1. is our seniors card valid in the USA ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, visiting there later this year so would be handy to know

    10 REPLY
    • I showed mine to the Amtrack bookings office – they don’t acknowledge our card but because they have a similar one she gave us the discount
      You only have to ask – nothing lost if they say NO

    • Yes Sue .. I booked in to a Hotel in NYC via Skype ..got a very good Senior Discount , must show my
      card on arrival .( Arriving late April ) If I remember correctly , you can get discount from age 55 ..but don’t quote me on that .

    • We travelled down the East Coast of USA in Sept last year. Some businesses gave us Seniors Discount & others didn’t. It always is a good idea to ask anyway. Some gave it without seeing our cards.

    • I travel to USA twice each year to visit with my son and often take advantage of their seniors discounts. Sometimes simply asking in stores, restaurants, commuter buses and similar is acceptable if you look like a senior. Where more formal ID required I always show my Aust drivers license with birth date but have never used my Aust Seniors Card. Discounts offered with Amtrak, some internal airlines, some hotels/motels, tour coaches, movies, museums, galleries and similar.

    • You will get 10% of accomodation all over . We have been twice never any problems. Just LOVE the states. Hope to go back next year or 2018. Enjoy

    • The USA will honor your seniors card generally you don’t have to ask we found we got discounts everywhere . Also you just have yo be 55 of over and only work part time

    • I got senior discount through the uk last year by showing my card. Even entry to Buckingham palace.

    • Wouldn’t think so. Would Australia let every country in the world use their countries discount seniors card if they even had them??????

      1 REPLY
      • My sister was here from America ..most places gave her the senior discount with her driver license…even the bus

    • My family and I went to the USA, bought an old Cadilac Coupe Deville and travelled 10 months 42 sates, 25,000 miles.
      At this time I was not old enough to have a Seniors Card but you would be wise to show it everywhere and simply ask, do I qualify for a discount with my Seniors Card. I’m sure you will be surprised at the number of places that will give a discount. I foumd showing an RAA, NRMA etc. gets discounts at hotels and other places. In LA.the bus service says they offer a discount if you show your Medicare card and they are probably not talking of an Australian one but it got the discounts for us. I think there are places just waiting to be asked for a discount, anything to do the business.

    • We were there last year and didn’t even have to show it in some places. Canada also gave discounts in the places we visited.
      The fact that WA doesn’t allow for other Aus states to get seniors rates; whilst others states recognises WA cards irks me.
      UK also gave seniors discounts even though we were overseas visitors .

  2. Why do they sixty when you cant apply for one
    In queensland
    I am 63 very confusing

    7 REPLY
    • If you have a health care card you can apply for the seniors card not just the seniors business card. Yes it is confusing. Call me cynical but is it deliberate?

    • You can only get the card if you are working a certain amount of hours, not full time. You would need to check with them how many hours it is.

      1 REPLY
      • Any one over 60 in Qld can apply for Seniors Business Discount Card. Apply on line

    • I got a seniors business card at 60 im now 64 but after going online i was abld to get a seniors card for cheap travel i couldn’t use it in victoria. but they can use theirs up here.

    • I got a seniors business card at 60 im now 64 but after going online i was abld to get a seniors card for cheap travel i couldn’t use it in victoria. but they can use theirs up here.

    • I have had my QLD seniors card since i was 60 and i’m 65. and still work a few hours a week and a number of my friends have one and they are younger than me . if you are not working full time just apply for it and see what happens.

    • I’ve got one in Qld button one accepts it. I’ve only found one place that access do it’s bloody useless

    • I have one and I’m 60 It’s combined with my go card Go online

  3. I did mean age of sixty

    2 REPLY
    • Maybe you are still working ? If you work 20 hours or more you are not eligible for one. I think that is probably the only criteria.

    • You can apply at age 60, I did in Queensland. You will get a “Business Senior Card” until you turn 65, but you can use the card for discounts only.

  4. Thank you, your information is very handy to know.

  5. Wow! I thought our local café Rocco’s in North Croydon (Vic) was the only one to do seniors discount but they only do Mon-Fri.I can see my daughter making me line up more!!Good to know about car stuff as well-I feel the book only has the city and holidays/accommodation but am not going to give up my 10% minimum.

  6. I am confused as I do not have a Seniors card . Is this the Govt issued one? I am 64 in June and am from NSW. Please enlighten me !

    3 REPLY
    • You can only get the card if you are working a certain amount of hours, not full time. You would need to check with them how many hours it is. Just google Seniors Card

    • Copies this from the NSW website. — NSW permanent residents aged 60 or over, who do no more than 20 hours of paid work a week on average across a 12 month period, can apply for a NSW Seniors Card. This free card gives you discounts and special offers at thousands of businesses across NSW. With a valid green Medicare Card you can apply for a NSW Seniors Card online.

    • You need to apply. It is a state thing. No one will automatically send you one.

  7. I wish the businesses that give a Seniors’ discount, would have a notice displaying that they do, it is not always possible to check the directory every single time you go out, then you go somewhere and have to ask, and feel embarrassed if they so no they don’t participate.

    6 REPLY
    • Most have a sticker on their door or window

    • I’m not embarrassed, I just say “I thought I’d ask just in case”

    • Don’t be embarrassed. I ask at every store/venue at home and when travelling. If they say no, that’s ok. As you comment, would be helpful if they had a visible sign displayed. Go for it.

    • Quite often the businesses themselves reply, if you ask the “Oh, we don’t like to offend by asking”. Dob them in if they are not displaying the logo, they are supposed to.

    • I am listing the shops I use in my phone so I can check when I am out

    • Most stores will not ask if you have a seniors card for fear they may offend you.!!!

  8. I went to my KFC they no longer give any senior discounts

  9. I went to my KFC they no longer give any senior discounts

  10. A cinebuzz tickets are now $8.50 for seniors.

  11. How do I apply for a seniors card I am 62 years old and would love to have one.Thankyou.

    4 REPLY
  12. I’m in WA and don’t have a card like that l’m 71 years old l do have a concession card

    1 REPLY
    • I find the concession card is better to have as it usually gives you the same deals. The Seniors card seems to help those who don’t qualify for a concession card.

      1 REPLY
      • I went on a train ride in Adelaide once and they wouldn’t accept the concession card…just Seniors card…for a discount. My husband is 5 years older than me and he couldn’t get a discount because he only had his concession card. Really! He looks younger??? Haha…he would say so!

        1 REPLY
        • Same thing happened to me in Adelaide. Jillian..

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