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In your lifetime, there would be many places that you end up calling home. For some people, perceptions of home are affected by economic conditions and choice. For many others however, their true home – the place where you grow up – is a core part of who you are – or as the saying goes, “where your heart is.”

Where you grow up affects different aspects of your life – sometimes subconsciously. Your accent, your understanding and embracing of cultures, the lifestyle you are used to – everything differs just on the basis of where you’re from…or more importantly, where you grew up.

As part of a home environment, children are taught the how to understand others, to develop family beliefs and behaviours, and also – the difference between right and wrong. If you’ve had a great childhood growing up, you’d want to pass that on to your kids, and hope that they pass it to their kids, and so on. If you had a tough home environment, but your family taught you to be resilient, you strive to ensure that your kids are never left wanting for anything. This, in turn, passes on the same sense of resilience to all your future generations.

Wherever you go in life, it is important not to forget your roots, because where you came from makes you who you are.

Starts at 60 wants to know, where did you grow up? How did it affect you?

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  1. I grew up in a small country town near Mudgee, NSW and it was idyllic. Horses to ride, walking home after dark, swimming in the river, catching the bus to school in the next town. I left to go to Sydney and now am in Brisbane, but all through the years I dreamed of my little town at least once a year. Now I am seriously considering retirement there. I still have a girlfriend there and another has said she will retire there too if I do. It seems the perfect solution to me. I go back there at least once a year and love it.

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