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Via Room To Move (tiny house builders)

Starts At Sixty has previously covered the tiny house movement, when people choose to downsize into compact homes. Now Aussies and Kiwis alike are following this trend!

A rising number of tiny houses are popping up across Australia and New Zealand, with some home buyers feeling “priced out” of the property market otherwise.

Living Big in a Tiny House author Bryce Langston says, “There is no one single personality type that suits downsized living”.

“Some tiny house occupants are young and just wanting a stepping stone to get ahead in life… Others are retiring and wanting to downsize to a smaller space, that’s easier to manage”.

“I suppose one thing that they do generally have in common is that they are drawn to a simple way of life”, Mr Langston added. “They are more excited about gaining experiences than material possessions”.

Here are some of the best tiny houses across Australia and New Zealand. Could you live like this? Share your thoughts below!


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  1. yeah sure, I ‘m gonna put one in my back yard and the let the house……

  2. Tiny houses look good, but I don’t think older people could climb that ladder to get into bed.

  3. Great Idea, but only thing in Australia we always pay more than other countries, WHY??
    I watch Tiny Houses on TV and think what a great idea, but where do we put these as there are not enough parks with facilities to put and no land.

  4. I couldn’t manage if I had to climb a ladder to bed.
    I won’t be watching that program if Andrew Winter is in it. I find him the most obnoxious presenter on TV and can’t understand why people vote for him in TV Awards. He criticises people for having security screens on their windows because buyers will think it is in a high crime area. He turns his nose up at older bathrooms and kitchens because they are so Seventies and Eighties. Fair enough, renovate them but most couples had better things to do back then, like feeding and educating their children than renovating a house just for the sake of keeping up with fashion trends.

  5. There is a trend towards children building small houses on parent’s blocks and vice-versa. I would be happy to live in a sall house, but it wouldn’t want to be too tiny.
    People live in caravans.

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