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Michael J Fox continues to be an inspiration for many battling Parkinson’s Disease.  In another defiant act against the debilitating disease, he does something that would be hard even for those not suffering from Parkinson’s.

In a concert in front of thousands of their fans, Coldplay took a special video request from lead singer Chris Martin’s son.  The request was to play a song from their favourite movie Back to the Future.  Chris obliged and started to play the song Earth Angel which is played at a pivotal part of the 1985 film.

Halfway through the song, Chris invited a special guest to the stage.  It was Michael J. Fox who starred in Back to the Future.  The crowd erupted and then were in shock when the long time Parkinson’s sufferer started to play the guitar for the song.

Already blown away the crowd exploded into cheers as Michael launched into one of the most recognisable opening riffs in music history.  The iconic song Johnny B Goode was famously mimed by Michael in Back to the Future but here there was no miming.  Michael played lead guitar while Chris sang in a magical musical moment that continues to show the inspiration that Michael is.

Michael was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1991 and has been one of the biggest activists for research to find a cure for it.  Michael does take to stage from time to time to play with the likes of The Who and Joan Jett, who join him for his annual fundraisers for The Michael J Fox Foundation.  Fox keeps manage of his condition with medication as well as a surgical procedure that helps reduce the tremors that plague sufferers of the disease.

In his 2002 autobiography Lucky Man: A Memoir Michael stated that he took up two hobbies that he was told would be impossible with his condition; guitar and golf.  I think he shows here that he excels at whatever he puts his mind too.

How inspiring is Michael?  Do you have someone in your life that is battling Parkinson’s?

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  1. Michael is so inspiring and such a fantastic approach to life letting nothing stop what he wants to do.

  2. That was so cool ! Hope he keeps going and going!

  3. I danced and clapped my hands to that entire fabulous song. Cold Play and Michael J Fox ROCK…..

  4. hes an inspiration for me as i too have parkinsons and try to do as much as i once did dont always succeed but if pa
    rkinsons is going to kick me in the butt im going to try and do thesame for it

    1 REPLY
    • Great attitude Anne, like me I allow PD to be something I have & not what I am. Still manage to work full time running my dog grooming business, have 3 fantastic kids & the worlds best husband…..living life to the fullest.
      Take care of yourself, eat good food & surround yourself with beautiful people xx

  5. My dad battled parkinson’s for 15 years, he rode his pushbike which he used to race up until two years before he died in 2015. Even months before he died he still kept active by cycling using a single wheel machine at his feet. He didn’t let him beat him until near the end when it took control of his whole body and speech. The dementia that comes with Parkinson’s is the destroyer of the person before the Parkinson’s takes control. Michael J Fox is an inspiration to people with Parkinson’s and his foundation is doing outstanding work. Seeing him play with Coldplay was incredible.
    In the UK the Parkinson’s association has a brain bank that is working tirelessly to find a cure. http://www.parkinsons.org.uk/content/parkinsons-uk-brain-bank

  6. My husband has suffered from Parkinson’s disease for 27 years. He has limited mobility but as we had never been on a cruise boat we decided to do it. We are currently moored off of Port Douglas Queensland. Never let this disease stop you from what you want to do.

  7. Yes my Husband has Parkinson’s he was Diagnosed with it year ago,he has early stage of the Diseased which is called Garden Verity,and he’s on Medication and doing very well.

  8. Yes my Husband has Parkinson’s he was Diagnosed with it year ago,he has early stage of the Diseased which is called Garden Verity,and he’s on Medication and doing very well.

  9. Oh my God what a man!!! God Bless his Soul Michael J. Fox he is more than a star he inspires people.

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