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A stubborn zipper can seem hard to reason with at times and can render a perfectly good jacket or pair of trousers impossible to wear. There is in fact a very simple household solution to unstick your stuck zipper.

Believe it or not, all you need is an ordinary graphite pencil.

The average number 2 pencil contains a natural grease that is the perfect lubricant for zipper tracks. Simply rub the pencil over the zipper’s teeth or just to the area where the zipper is stuck. With a little wiggle and nudge, the zipper should loosen and run smoothly once again.

Alternative lubricants you can try include ordinary bar soap, lip balm, Vaseline, or even cooking oil. A cotton swab is a handy size for greasing.

Have you tried this old pencil trick before? How do you deal with a stubborn zipper? Share your tips below!

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  1. I can’t count the number of times i have had to take one of these zips out to replace it- NOT my favourite job !!

  2. Pencils are made with graphite, graphite can be purchased as a lubricant in a powder form and has many applications. A little WD40 also works well.

  3. Talc is also a good lubricant.
    Its the graphite in pencils that does the trick.

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