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Summer brings beautiful long days, lovely fresh fruit and…. fruit flies. If you have a swarm of these little critters we have an easy trick to get rid of them. You will need a plastic soft drink or water bottle and some apple cider vinegar.

  1. Cut the top third of the top off.
  2. Pour a small amount of the apple cider vinegar in the bottom half of the bottle.
  3. Place the top half of the bottle into the bottom half so that the mouth piece is facing downwards.

That is all you need for your fruit fly trap. They will fly into the bottle because of the vinegar but will be unable to fly out again. If you don’t have any apple cider vinegar at home almost any other kind of fresh fruit will work just as well in trapping the fruit flies.

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  1. I tried this but was told put half or small portion of banana peel in with the cider vinegar also you can just put holes in glad wrap on top of an empty jar….really works well

  2. Nahdene Sealey you may find this useful

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