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Have a lot of scarfs and ties you need to hang up? Some of us just hang them over the door and have a box in our wardrobe but there is a much easier way to hang them up that will not only save space, but it’s super cheap.

All you need is a coat hanger you won’t miss, some duct tape (you can buy colourful, patterned tape nowadays), and shower curtain rings.

Step 1: Start by cutting a 8cm length of duct tape.

Step 2: Make a small cut in the middle of one end of the tape then rip the tape down the middle.

Step 3: Use a strip of tape to attach the first shower curtain ring to the coat hanger.

Step 4: Place the next ring and attach it to the hanger and the other ring.

Step 5: Continue along the length of the hanger.

Step 6: Attach the remaining rings below the first row using the same method.


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  1. Think I’ll keep mine as is, folded neatly in a box!

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