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Did you know that you should clean your iron? A dirty iron could be ruining your clothes.

As a result of using tap water, there can be mineral deposits or lime scale on the ironing plate, not to mention the dirt, rust, grime and fabric fluff!

So what can you do to get off this gunk so you don’t transfer it to your clothes?

All you need is bicarb soda and vinegar…


1. Take some paper towel and drench it in vinegar. Place on countertop and lay the cool iron over it. After five minutes take it off and wipe the bottom of the iron.

2. Some of the gunk will loosen but once you have gotten off as much as you can with just the vinegar, get a separate paper towel and dip in mixture of water and bicarb soda. Run the iron over the several times.

3. Once it’s all clean, put your iron on the steam setting and the bicarb soda that got stuck in the holes will start to come out. Clean it up, steam again, clean it up and so on until all the bicarb is out.


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  1. I was thinking my comment would have people saying negative comments. Looks as though we all feel the same. Better things to do.

  2. I very rarely iron either. my husband is very good doesnt even expect his flannel shirts to be ironed. he sayes its a waste of time. I have a very good cordless iron and enjoy using it but mainly in winter by the roaring fire. most of our clothes are wash and wear too

  3. If my Iron needs a clean, I turn it on for about 3 minutes then turn it off get a candle out and rub it up and down on the Iron, wipe it off its good for another 12month.

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