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A great night in was sitting around the table with a few good friends, or maybe the kids, and playing a classic board game. Some played Monopoly, and rumours are that some are still playing games that started in the ’70s, while others picked Battleship or Cluedo. These games were fun, exciting, and more engaging than any computer game that has ever come out. It was also an unbeatable bonding moment between friends and family.

Kingmaker @ Lord Burke’s. @__jimmy_mac__ sneaking one out across the table. #silentbutdeadly #70sboardgames

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Then there was The Game of LIFE were all people were depicted by little blue or pink pegs and getting insurance was fun. Times do change. Perhaps you had some of the movie tie-in games like Dukes of Hazard or ET.

Perhaps you had little children during this time and played your fair share of Candy land, Trouble, or the classic game that scared the life out of you if the buzzer went off Operation.

No matter the game it was the memories created that will make us smile the most; unless you were silly enough to play men versus women. That only ended in arguments.

What was your favourite board game to play? Do you still play them today?

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