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Just because you’ve lost internet access, doesn’t mean you have to be lost without Google Maps.

You will need internet access to download the Google Map for your city. Once stored in your phone it will come in handy for those times when you don’t have internet access, or the signal is interrupted.

  1. Sign into your Google account and launch the Google Maps app on your Android or iPhone.
  2. Use the Search function to bring up the city you need.
  3. Tap on the bar with the city’s name at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Tap the “Download” button.
  5. Google will then show you a map of the area an ask if you’d like to download it.
  6. Tap “Download” again to confirm and start the download process.

That map is now stored in your phone giving  you access to the maps, driving directions and points of interest information.

Google periodically update the maps with new information. You can check when these updates will apply to each of your maps by opening Google Maps, tapping the Menu icon, and selecting “Offline areas.” This will show all your downloaded maps and their expiry date. You might schedule a reminder in your phone’s diary to download a new one on those dates.

The only thing you’ll have to worry about then is that the phone battery is kept charged!

Do you use Google Maps?

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  2. I use the NAVMII app. It does not use data as the maps are downloaded into the phone. It is also decent as car and pedestrian navigation with voice guidance. It is all driven by satellite plus has maps for most countries. It is certainly worth having on your phone. Beware that it is a fairly large download to start with.

  3. HERE maps has been free and works great for turn-by-turn spoken GPS driving directions with no need for internet – only recently they’ve stopped it for Windows 10 and will cease updates for Windows Phone 8.1 – the [Microsoft] Maps replacement still uses HERE Maps as a backend and is also free with no need for internet for now.

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