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Tonight for Saturday Night Nostalgia, we take a look back at what men wore in the 1960s and 70s. One thing is for sure, their pants got tighter and tighter. It seemed to be a time when men’s clothes were becoming more effeminate yet we bet you still thought they were absolute babes!

Show your husband and have a laugh at how the fashions have changed.


1. The bell bottoms

The flared pants and tight fitting top was all the rage. Do you remember dancing cheek-to-cheek with someone wearing this groovy outfit?




2. The flamboyant shirt

Plaid, floral, colourful – anything was acceptable. Did you love these flamboyant prints on your man?


3. Very tiny bather shorts

Their bathers were more revealing than ours! What would you do if your husband wore them in public now?




4. The jumpsuit

Did you and your man have a matching jumpsuit?



5. The hippie 

Tassels, bell bottoms, tie-dye and deep V tops. Did you ever date a hippie?

7 6. The Mullet

You gotta love a full head of hair. Did your man ever have longer hair than you?




Do you remember these fashion trends from the 60s? Do you miss any of these looks? Share with us below.

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  1. Men and women seemed to be slimmer in those days. There were not the amount of fatso’s (both men and women ) walking around the place. Sadly it is the fatso’s who think tight clothes and short skirts are appealing. Sorry . they are not.

  2. Yeah I thought some trousers were pretty nifty especially with a paisley shirt…. Very sexy indeed for its time

  3. LOL what about men’s platform shoes!!! When I met my husband in the late 70s he still thought skivvies under leather jackets and platform shoes were ‘in’ 🙂

  4. Wow, those high waisted pants – no wonder singers like the Bee Gees hit such high notes!

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