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Esteemed actor Harrison Ford was lucky to escape with just a broken leg after safety breaches on the set of Star Wars: The Force Awakens saw the actor nearly killed.

Harrison was struck on the leg with a hydraulic door that was sent flying towards him with a power comparable to the weight of a small car.

The incident happened during filming in 2014 and now the film company Foodles Production Ltd, which is owned by the Walt Disney Co., is paying the price in an expensive court case over the accident.

The company has admitted to two breaches of health and safety law, which put Harrison’s life at risk.

Harrison, who was 71 at the time of the accident, had to have surgery on his leg and have rehab afterwards to help it heal.

It’s not the first major accident the actor has been in – only a year later he was injured after the single-engine plane he was piloting crash landed on a golf course in Santa Monica.

He ended up with a huge gash on his head and was taken to hospital for his wounds.

Witnesses, who filmed the plane moments before it went down, can be heard saying, “Oh no! I hope he’s going to make it.”

They later pulled him out of the crushed plane and called emergency services.

Witness Elaine Miller, who was golfing at the time of the crash, said: “He was able to speak, he expressed that he was in pain, which was no surprise.

“He had a significant head wound. He asked someone to hold his legs up, and people were just saying, ‘you’re okay, the fire department is on its way,’ and once police and fire started to arrive, my friends and I sort of backed away and went to the other side of the course to give them room.”

Thankfully, he has recovered well from both incidents. Let’s just hope he stays safe in the future!

Are you a fan of Harrison Ford? Have you ever broken a bone?

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