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Choosing to do a film about Miles Davis is a challenging choice, but when it’s your directing debut, and you are also the star it could be almost impossible; unless you are Don Cheadle.

Don Cheadle is one of the most versatile actors in the world and is taking one of the biggest steps away his big budget superhero movie steps to do this bio film, Miles Ahead, about Davis. As for the bio movie? You have not seen one like this before because it’s less of a bio film and more of an Ocean’s Eleven-style caper with guns, fighting, car chases, and theft.

What about the music? You couldn’t have a Miles Davis film without the music that made him a legend. If you are a fan of the wild magic of his music that you will be pleasantly surprised.

As a film, it works on its own, as a bio film it might miss the mark as a lot of the content was conceived for the film. An excellent example of this is Ewan McGregor’s character Dave Brill, who doesn’t exist in real life but was invented to help put eyes into Davis’ mad world.

Miles Ahead is out now in limited release.

Are you a fan of Miles Davis? Will you be checking out this film? Have you seen it already and want to share your experiences?

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