Find out where you are on your retirement journey.

Take the Starts at 60 Life Stages Quiz now to better understand which of the life stages you have already experienced, and which might lie ahead for you.  It’s designed to be helpful for for anyone approaching or over-60, 70 and more.


Retirement Life Stages Quiz

Your retirement journey really does start at 60

There’s 14 clear life stages in retirement.  Many of these are exciting, some are frightening, and each are difficult to navigate in their own way.  And it’s our job here at Starts at 60 to help you to navigate this journey.

Starts at 60 has developed the Retirement Life Stages Quiz to help you understand where you are on the journey and explore what lies ahead for you.  You might be in your 50s, 60s, 70s or 80s, and navigating any of the life stages that come along in as you contemplate and tackle retirement.