Considering a lifestyle community

Lifestyle communities: more than just a place to live

Jan 15, 2023
Use your hobbies and passions to find new friendship circles at one of the many social clubs found within lifestyle communities. Image source: Supplied

Use it or lose it, as the saying goes. True, but never more so than in later life when keeping the mind and body active helps to keep us fit, healthy and living our dream retirement.

The problem is, retirement can be a time when we become less active – both socially and physically. We downsize our homes to more manageable, low-maintenance properties. No more lawns to mow or pools to clean! The kids are grown, some of our friends have moved on, and our social lives have dwindled. Life is slower – and so are we.

In 2019 the Australian Department of Health and Aged Care commissioned a comprehensive study into healthy ageing. In assessing social connectedness in the aged sector, the study identified a number of causes of social isolation such as:

  • Decreasing social circles due to friends and family moving away and not being active in the workforce.
  • Lack of activity, is closely associated with having smaller social circles and contributing to a range of health concerns.
  • Living in isolation and without purpose, having a cyclic effect on distancing oneself with subsequent health implications.

The solution may lie in choosing to live in a vibrant and friendly community that encourages and fosters a socially engaged lifestyle. Lifestyle communities, such as those operated by Ingenia Lifestyle, facilitate a style of independent living that alleviates the loneliness and isolation that can be experienced in the later years of life.

With a focus on healthy ageing attitudes, lifestyle communities are so much more than just a place to live.

Become part of something bigger

Beyond the bricks and mortar of a lifestyle community is a lively community with opportunities to engage with like-minded people and become part of something bigger.

Use your hobbies and passions to find new friendship circles at one of the many social clubs found within lifestyle communities. You can share your knowledge with others or learn new skills and participate in activities you’ve never tried before.

At Ingenia Lifestyle, you can take part in a number of social gatherings, including:

  • book clubs,
  • craft classes,
  • walking groups,
  • games and trivia nights,
  • inter-community sporting tournaments,
  • afternoon teas,
  • organised day trips,
  • guest speaker events and more.

There is no shortage of activities residents can choose to get involved with, allowing you to fill your calendar as much (or as little) as you’d like. And although many residents are still connected and involved in groups and activities outside of their lifestyle community, knowing that they have access to these social opportunities on their doorstep can make life easier.

Some residents may still be working when they first make the move and so they may not be as inclined to take part in social activities, groups and clubs at first. But when that time comes and they do retire from work, having these opportunities available can be extremely helpful with that transition from full-time work to retirement. It can help fulfil a sense of purpose and connection, which is something that can feel like it’s missing when you first stop working after so many years.

Discover new lifestyle opportunities

Have you dreamt of a carefree seachange retirement where sunny beaches stretch for miles? Or perhaps a lush treechange location where you can enjoy scenic bush walks and gorgeous gardens you don’t have to maintain?

Maybe the grey nomad life appeals to you, but you need a safe and secure base for your exciting ‘lock up and leave’ lifestyle. Whichever way you envision your future, lifestyle communities give you the freedom to curate the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

Moving to a lifestyle community is similar to purchasing and downsizing to a smaller, existing home via a typical real estate transaction – but with the added benefit of entering the property market in a sought-after location where you can unlock further savings. This comes from the land lease model in which lifestyle communities operate and the financial benefits that come with it.

Access the perks of a higher quality lifestyle:

Built around a central community hub, the facilities offered in lifestyle communities are designed to enhance your lifestyle. Whilst these vary between each location, some of the most common facilities found across Ingenia Lifestyle communities are:

  • swimming pools,
  • bowling greens,
  • libraries,
  • billiard rooms,
  • outdoor entertainment areas,
  • gymnasiums,
  • sports bars,
  • cinemas and more.

Ingenia Lifestyle residents can also enjoy additional perks to help them build their ideal lifestyle. Avid travellers can take advantage of 25% off their stay at any Ingenia Holiday Parks, which includes 39 holiday parks throughout the East Coast of Australia. Ingenia Holiday Parks are conveniently located near popular travel hotspots, making them the perfect place to base yourself on your next holidays.

Residents also have access to Ingenia Care, which offers a range of health and wellbeing programs, social activities and health support services for independent living, as well as Ingenia Gold Card, which provides discounted savings across a range of Aussie services all year round.

Considering a lifestyle community?

To get a deeper understanding of lifestyle communities and the important considerations to be had, download the free e-guide put together by Starts at 60 in partnership with Ingenia: ‘The ultimate guide to lifestyle communities’.

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