Monday 11th March, 10am AEDT

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This free online Starts at 60 event, sponsored by Cochlear, will feature a panel of experts, including a leading cochlear implant surgeon, an audiologist and a bimodal hearing recipient, who will share their insights into the importance of treating hearing loss. They will discuss the prevalence of hearing loss as we age, the risks of untreated hearing loss, the treatment options available, and the importance that better hearing has on our overall health and wellbeing as we age.

This free masterclass is open to anyone interested in learning more about the signs of hearing loss, the risks of ignoring it, and the life-changing opportunities that treating hearing loss can offer. You will learn about the treatment options available and the steps to take if you are struggling to hear. If you – or a loved one – are not making your hearing health a priority in the same way that you prioritise your vision and your dental care, this event is for you!

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