Remodelled Dean Martin estate to sell for $35 million

The entrance is primed for proud displays of artwork. Image: Jade Mills Estates

Anyone looking for a house with true Rat Pack charm need only cast their eyes to Beverly Hills, where Dean Martin’s former estate is letting the good times in.

Martin lived in his Beverly Hills home from 1988 to 1995. These days, the land bears a brand-new house (construction was completed earlier this year) but it’s swimming in Hollywood glamour and five-star luxury.

Patrik Mirahmadi, the site’s developer, was keen to pay homage to the former property with his design choices. While the estate was built to shine, Mirahmadi emphasised the importance of privacy with an immense driveway that helps to shield the property from immediate view.

It’s an impressive view at the top of the driveway. Image: Jade Mills Estates

The one-acre lot features more than 10,000 square feet of living space, with five massive bedrooms, nine bathrooms, three half-bathrooms, and a three-car garage.

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The master bedroom features its own fireplace and a view of the outdoor area. Image: Jade Mills Estates

The already impressive sense of space is enhanced with soaring 12-foot ceilings, wide hallways, glass walls, and open-plan areas that seem to stretch on forever.

Open-plan spaces are ideal for entertaining. Image: Jade Mills Estates

This home is perfect for collectors, with plenty of opportunity to display whatever their heart desires. There’s a dedicated gallery space for gorgeous artwork, and a see-through garage to show off top-of-the-line cars.

The display garage is perfect for showing off luxury purchase. Image: Jade Mills Estates

This is a party palace, with plenty of room for guests to mingle and enjoy the atmosphere; the outdoor entertaining area is huge, with a lap pool at its centre, and elevated seating for those who aren’t inclined to take a dip. A fireplace and fire pit will provide warmth for the cooler months.

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The outdoor entertaining area has everything you need. Image: Jade Mills Estates

A home theatre, gym, office and spa complete the impressive package, which is on the market for $35 million (US$27.95 million), or more than $157,000 (US$125,000) in rental per month.

Who wouldn’t want a spa in their home? Image: Jade Mills Estates

What do you think of the new estate? Is it classy enough to live up to the Rat pack image?