You know you were born in the 50s if....

Ah, the 1950s. Most of us were born in either the 40s or the 50s but that doesn’t mean we have forgotten them! They were the best times of our lives, and growing up in the 60s and 70s really made us into the people we are today. Here are some fun things that you might remember from your childhood.

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Which brings back the most vivid memories for you?

  1. Everybody got together in front of the TV on Sunday nights.
  2. Tried to twitch your nose like Elizabeth Montgomery from Bewitched.
  3. Fake smoking on Fads (Fags).
  4. You rode your bike everywhere…without a helmet!
  5. You saved up for your own VW Beetle.
  6. You’d buy dress patterns to sew your own dresses.
  7. You played with spirographs.
  8. You can recite McDonald’s Big Mac song: Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.
  9. You used Perkins Paste at school.
  10. You remember paper money.
  11. You loved Redskins, Milkos and Choo Choo bars.
  12. Glo-mesh purses were so cool!
  13. You challenged your friend to go around the world or to walk the dog… with a yo-yo
  14. Your soft drink can had a ring pull, until it was replaced by the push tab.
  15. Computers were huge!
  16. You begged your mum for go-go boots.
  17. Flower Power was everywhere.
  18. You snuck into a drive-in movie and kissed the boy or girl you liked.
  19. You witnessed the birth of colour TV and remember black and white TV.
  20. You always wondered how the Gilligan’s Island group made so many gadgets on the island but never a boat?!
  21. You know how to work a manual typewriter.
  22. Twiggy was the face of all things Mod.
  23. You watched the moon landing on TV.
  24. You called people on rotary phones.
  25. You chanted England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales while playing elastics.
  26. You got splinters from a wooden sea-saw.
  27. Golliwog biscuits weren’t considered offensive.
  28. Flower seats and baskets were normal bike accessories for girls.
  29. You can still sing along to the closing tune on Young Talent Time.
  30. You had to go to the chemist to get your film developed and waited weeks to get them back.
  31. The milkman delivered milk bottles to your front door.
  32. Your mum used olive oil to clean out your ears.
  33. You had a bowl haircut and so did everyone else.
  34. Big bubbles were no trouble with Hubba Bubba!
  35. You remember the retro Tupperware.
  36. Your mum cooked meat and three veg every night.
  37. All of the cool places had Space Invaders.
  38. You spent hours clicking through your View-Master.
  39. You styled Barbie’s hair and did her makeup.
  40. Most of your t-shirts were tie dyed.
  41. You posed like a Charlie’s Angel in every photo.
  42. You wished John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John were a real couple.
  43. Mork was your favourite alien.
  44. Twister was the preferred party game.
  45. You put playing cards in the spokes of your bike.
  46. You thought The Monkees were a real band, and Davy Jones was dreamy.
  47. You bought singles on 45 rpm vinyl records
  48. You had mustard or orange everything in your house.
  49. Your mum had a Bex and a lie down.
  50. You rode in the station wagon without a seatbelt.