How to give your home a cool, rustic look at little expense

Give your home a touch of rustic style.

Every year, a new home decorating style is in focus, but there are some trends that are always in  fashion, and designers are never lose interest in them.

These days, rustic interior style is popular again, mostly thanks to its bohemian details, natural elements, and textures.

While setting the tone for the next season, many designers recommend making this look a part of your home, hotel, bar, or store. Inspiration can be found in everything from art, books, celebrity homes and even certain countries famous for their bohemians.

Start from your walls

White is the basic colour of this trend, but that doesn’t mean your room ends up looking basic and plain. White walls are usually accompanied by some great artwork and something as simple as a huge painting by your favourite painter can complete this look.

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If white’s not to your taste, you can use earthy, nude and pastel tones to paint your walls.

And other than using paintings, you can try adding photos to your walls, or add texture by hanging a tapestry.

Natural hues  on the wall go really well with strong and bold colour choices in your wall art – this is the true essence of the bohemian vibes that are often a part of a rustic style. 

Use nature

When you think about rustic elements, nature is what comes to mind.

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The main focus in every room should revolve around natural components, so raw materials should be used as much as possible. This will make the entire house feel cohesive and bring all the rooms into one big space.

Plants also look great in a rustic-style home. Having green elements will not only elevate the whole look but also improve the air quality in your home. Needless to say, this is yet another great way to include nature in your decor.

High ceilings and open space

High ceilings are a true homage to the warehouses and factories that are at the core of this style.

Of course, you can’t just tear down your entire house just to raise up the ceiling, but you can try to open up your space.

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Do this by adding sliding barn doors, which will help you save some space and also connect your rooms. This farmhouse look is featured in many magazines and it will, without a doubt, be in fashion for some time.

Reuse, recycle, restore

One of the best characteristics of this style is its vintage spirit and you can add it to your own furniture through some DIY projects.

Unlike other trends, this one encourages reusing everything you can, say, by distressing the paint or changing the upholstery, rather than buying something new.

You can even go a bit further and show off your creativity by making decorative cushions from your old blankets and other materials you find appropriate. Repaint an antique chest and use it instead of a coffee table in your living room or place it next to your bed to store your beddings.

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More additions

Imagine your entire family spending cold winter evenings in front of a fireplace, bonding and sharing memories.

Keep in mind that a fireplace is equally attractive and practical during the summer, perhaps as a storage space, so add some bricks to outline its edges, or opt for the equally popular stone/rock combination and decorate it with your family memorabilia  on the mantelpiece.

Add a woven basket to store the wood for your fireplace and decorate it with a few branches as well. Keep an interesting blanket nearby and host movie nights to show off this new centerpiece of your home.

Flooring is the important part

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Apart from the wooden beams that will surely be one of your home’s greatest features, wooden flooring is something you just can’t imagine a rustic style without.

Your choice ranges from oak to bamboo in every possible tone, but don’t forget that you can repaint it later if you don’t like it.

Your floor coverings add character to your home, so be careful when choosing rugs. Think about layering a few just to get that additional depth from contrasting colours in the wood and the carpet. But be sure to pay attention to the colour combination and try not to combine more than three colors.

Don’t forget the details

Beauty is in the small details you can use to complete this look, making everything seem united and organised.

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Go to a garage sale or a flea market to try to find a few of items you could incorporate into your home, or raise your own storage cupboards, attic or basement, for old pieces you haven’t use for a while.

Big chandeliers, dark nightstands, interesting lamps and leather ottomans are just some of the features you can use to give your home a rustic touch. Place a big mirror in your entryway to create the illusion of space. Light up the space with a handful of Edison bulbs and leave it seemingly unfinished instead of overdoing it.

The difference between rustic and shabby chic isn’t that big, so keep in mind that you’re trying to make a statement with everything you do in your house.

Combine earthy elements with modern ones to find the right mix for your personal style, but also balance plain elements with interesting patterns so you don’t overwhelm the space.

The most important thing is to make it feel homey and that your whole family finds it as comfortable as you intended.

What sort of style do you have in your home? Does rustic interior style appeal to you?

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