Single, female and want to travel? Here's how to start planning!

Single female travel tips

The thing we love most about our Starts at 60 community is the support we have for each other. But there is something that gets asked frequently and not many of us seem to have any answers – we’ve done our digging to help you out.

The question we receive most is, “I’m single and in my 60s. I still want to travel but I don’t feel safe on my own and I don’t want to be attached to a tour group and not have any of my own freedom. What should I do?”

Travelling is something most of us love to do and we shouldn’t have to stop just because we are alone. So we’ve explored some of the best ways for over 60 women to travel so you can plan your next adventure!

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There is a new wave of female-friendly accommodation popping up all over the world! You can stay in hotels that are designed just for women with female-only staff and the only men around are security guards on duty. Or, you can stay at normal hotels that have floors just for female travellers. It is a great way to travel with all the luxuries a woman could want and feel safe at the same time. Most of the hotels are kitted out with things like hair straighteners, blow driers, yoga mats, herbal teas and face and body products that we love to treat ourselves with. To find them, just search “Female Friendly Hotels in (location)” and you’ll be able to find the best in your holiday destinations.

Tours and Groups

There are a range of tours and groups that you can enjoy with other, likeminded women. You can travel with a guide or solo in your own group depending on your preferences. There are also tour groups for women from all different places and different ages or women from Australia only and in specific age categories. You can choose an adventure holiday where you trek, safari, work or explore your way through somewhere or a luxury holiday where you can enjoy some R&R with some sightseeing along the way. Whatever your preference, there is an option for you!

Some of the great tour and group hosts include:

  • Women’s Own Adventure – For adventure holidays all around the world. From cycling, trekking and cultural adventures to humanitarian projects and expeditions, these tours are for anyone interested in a bit of adventure.
  • Travelling Divas – For anyone who loves a little luxury and a little pampering! This will let you see some beautiful parts of the world, indulge in champagne and enjoy some shopping.
  • Adventurous Women – For anyone who wants a challenge and some fun! There are all sorts of trips available through Adventurous Women and you can organise small group trips with your girlfriends too.
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Single woman safety precautions

General travel safety is one thing, but it becomes even more important if you’re out travelling on your own. Here are some of the best travel tips for solo, female travellers around the world:

  • Take a hotel business card with you always. This way you have the contact details on you and you can show drivers or other people the card to receive directions.
  • Look for reviews from other solo female travellers for the tours and accommodation you book online.
  • Leave a photocopy of your passport and important documents with your family or friends so if you are to lose yours while travelling, they can send the hotel the copy to help resolve the issue.
  • Even though most places are secure, there is no harm in carrying a small door wedge in your suitcase to give you peace of mind when you’re sleeping.
  • Be totally informed of the cultural expectations and norms of the places you visit to avoid getting into any trouble.
  • It can also be wise to carry a small whistle for emergencies.
  • Don’t skimp on safety. If it is later at night or dark, rather than walking home to save money, pay for a taxi.
  • If you’re in a group this one isn’t always necessary however if you’re on your own, staying sober can keep you alert and aware – your biggest safety measure while travelling.

There is no reason that being a single woman should stop you from travelling. You just have to know how to do it!

Have you travelled with women only or perhaps by yourself? Where did you go and would you do it again?

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