Off with his hair! Prince William finally caves and shaves head

Prince William showed off a very new look. Source: Getty.

Prince William has never been shy about his receding hairline, but now he has debuted a dramatic new look. The Duke of Cambridge appeared pleased with his new look as he smiled and waved at fans at the launch of the Step into Health programme at the Evelina London Children’s Hospital on Thursday. Wearing a smart suit, he didn’t look a bit nervous as he greeted staff and kids inside.

Stopping to chat to some of the young patients, William knelt down and allowed the camera a close up of his head, laughing the whole time. While he’s been sporting a receding look for a few years now, it’s easily his closest shave to date.

Prince William greeted patients at the hospital. Source: Getty.

The look was very appropriate for the visit, as he met armed forces veterans. The programme helps former members of the armed forces and their partners take up careers in the NHS.

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William’s growing bald patch is a long-running joke within the royal family, and back in 2014, his wife Catherine joked that alpaca wool could be a great solution for his head while she visited the Sydney Royal Easter Show. According to reports at the time, she saw the wool before pointing to her husband’s head and saying: “You need it more than me.”

Meanwhile his brother Prince Harry certainly hasn’t held himself back, and back in 2010, while speaking to a World War Two veteran in Barbados, he joked William “was already bald aged 12”.

Prince William once had much thicker hair a few years ago.

Fans shared their thoughts on social media, and one tweeted: “William gets the crown, Harry got the hair,” while another added: “Prince William has more strength and pride than @realDonaldTrump He finally just let that last bit of hair go. Good for him.”

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Others weren’t as impressed, with one user even writing: “Prince William is a fool. He has more than enough money so he should’ve got a hair transplant the minute he saw a speck of baldness. Now look at him.”

An expert has since weighed in, and claimed the new cut shows the Duke has courage. Celebrity hair stylist Joe Mills told the Independent: “I think him just literally going I’m going to crop my hair off is a really strong statement, a very confident statement. If you are photographed and in the public eye to that degree it’s very, very hard to look great all the time.”

What do you think of the Prince’s new look? Did you prefer his longer hair, or shaved look now?

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