The 'Palmy Army' returns! Clive Palmer to contest at federal election

Clive Palmer
He is looking to return to politics once more!

He’s back! Clive Palmer has confirmed he is bringing back the Palmer United Party and will contest “every seat in the House of Representatives and the Senate in every state of Australia” at the next election.

This morning, Palmer issued a statement on his personal Facebook page stating: “Since I left Parliament I have experienced the frustration and helplessness that all Australians experience with the major political parties.’’

Palmer wrote that the Palmer United Party’s executive committee has decided to contest the next federal election, which could be held as early as this year.

The embattled businessman is currently being investigated by the corporate watchdog for his former business activities–especially those relating to Queensland Nickel.

Last year the Palmer United Party was voluntarily deregistered after a scandal which saw his former company, Queensland Nickel, go into liquidation. The liquidation left 800 without a job and had piled up $300 million worth of debts.

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In his Facebook post, he calls out Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull stating: “The full weight of the Federal Government has been improperly mobilised against me and my employees,’’

“It’s time for Australia to reset its agenda for economic growth and prosperity.” he adds.

Palmer also throws shade at the current party leaders claiming that both parties don’t think enough about the younger generation.

“Turnbull and Shorten don’t care about our future generation and seek to deprive rather than provide opportunities for young Australians.” he said.

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Despite his legal battles Palmer is determined to put the past behind him and have another go in public office, stating he is ready to contest every government seat.

For Palmer to contest at the next election he has to sign up 500 members to his party to be able to register with the Australian Electoral Commission again. His second option is to find a Federal MP to sign up to the party.

He has already put the call out on Facebook for members of the public to join his 500 person club: “We need to expand our economy and provide growth for all Australians. Palmer United has the team to do it.”

“It’s time to join the resistance.’’ Palmer adds.

Soon after the announcement was made Queensland Deputy Premier, Jackie Trad came out swinging telling the media: “If Clive Palmer wants to run in any election Queensland will walk into the ballot box see Clive Palmer’s name on the ballot paper and remember what he did to hundreds of workers in Townsville.”

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Are you a fan of Clive Palmer? What did you think about his last stint in parliament?

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