Derryn Hinch suffers 'brain trauma' after fall, is undergoing tests

Derryn Hinch underwent a life-saving transplant in 2011. Source: Getty

Senator Derryn Hinch has reportedly suffered brain trauma after falling and hitting his head as he was getting out of an Uber on Monday night, News Corp has reported. 

The crusading pollie and radio host fell on  St Kilda Road in Melbourne, was knocked unconscious and taken to The Alfred Hospital for checks, newspapers reported.  The 74-year-old politician will undergo further medical tests today. The reformed alcoholic told News Corp that he had had two glasses of wine at dinner that night but that it hadn’t contributed to his fall. Nor had existing health problems, he said.

The former TV and radio journalist, who had a liver transplant in 2011 after suffering advanced cirrhosis of the liver, instead blamed the accident on “tiredness”. “To tell you the truth I think I was just tired and I’d been up since early for breakfast TV,” he told News Corp.

Since the fall, Hinch, long dubbed the ‘Human Headline’, has taken to social media to confirm the accident but to reassure supporters that he’s feeling fine. He wrote: “I fell and was knocked unconscious. I anticipated the expected boozy scepticism. I must wear my pisspot past. Thanks to the staff at the Alfred for my tests and future tests. I’m feeling fine.”

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Several people jumped onto social media, wishing the senator a speedy recovery. 

One user wrote: @APMSGT is sending our very best wishes, love and support to @HumanHeadline Derryn Hinch. Believing and hoping that all be well with you. You deserve only the very best. You are a warrior who fights for justice for those that can’t. Stay strong, be well.

Another added: “Glad you are ok, why did you fall? My neighbour & I have a deal. We don’t climb ladders unless the other is there to call 000”, while a third wrote: “Sorry Mr Hinch but all the survivors of abuse need you on your pins erect & strong You are so strong”.

Last year, Hinch, elected to the senate at the age of 72, was influential in convincing the Turnbull government to strip passports of convicted child sex offenders and was a key mover in obtaining a senate hearing into the use by surgeons of risky mesh implants to treat prolapses in women.

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Do you wish Derryn Hinch a quick recovery? 

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