New study says older men actually don't want to date younger women

Apparently there isn't much truth to the idea that older men like younger women.

The age-old idea that the older men get, the more interested they are in younger women has been turned on its head after a study in Finland found it to be untrue.

Researchers say they discovered that when it comes to intimate relationships, men are more interested in being with someone close to their own age.

While the relatively small study, they surveyed 2,676, says older single men are open to dating women their own age, there are surely some over 60s women out there who would disagree.

In a world where dating after 60 only seems to be getting more complicated, the researchers say mature women are just as likely to draw the attention of a man on the hunt for a sexual partner as younger women.

So do you agree? Whether it’s true or not, men have long copped it for thinking more with what’s ‘down there’ than with their brain when it comes to finding love.

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Even in previous stories published by SAS there have been hundreds of comments from women saying it’s nearly impossible to find a good man these days as most are too busy scouting for a younger model.

The researchers said they were surprised by the results, too.

“We expected to find patterns similar to previous studies showing that women’s youngest and oldest considered sex partners are strongly associated with their own age,” the authors explain in the paper, published in Evolutionary Psychology.

“For men, however, we expected that only the oldest considered age would be strongly associated with their own age, but that the youngest considered age would show a weaker association with their own age.”

So have we had it wrong this whole time? It is of course unfair to lump all men into the ‘sugar daddy’ category.

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There are plenty of smart, honest and kind men over 60 out there who are just as interested in women their own age.

The only problem is, there are a lot of mature gals asking, “where are they?!”.

What do you think about this? Do you think most older men are more interested in younger women? Or is that a myth?