Hilarious Aussie version of the Olympics will give you a giggle

While the Rio Games have been full of ups and downs, one group of Australians has banded together to create their own version of the Olympics – and it’s a total winner!

Featuring all-Aussie activities, the Games see countries competing in diving while catching a cricket ball, running in thongs, being the fastest to take a huntsman spider out of the house, and racing to get the bins out on bin day.

The hilarious parody was uploaded to the Multi Sports Facebook page and has been shared thousands of times since.

The video has classic Aussie commentary and calls out competitors for having two first names – “never trust a man with two first names” – and the sh*test tattoos.

“Oh no! The Jamaican has lost a plugger, he’s suffered a blowout!” says the commentators. “It was always going to be a risk running in socks and thongs.”

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Later, a young man wins the sh*test tattoo contest for his Southern Cross tattoo plastered over his back.

With all of the controversy surrounding the Games in Rio, this version of the Olympics has been hailed as “better than the real thing”.

“I think we need to have the real Olympics, the Paralympics, and then the Aussie Olympics every four years!” said one fan.

“Streuth! It doesn’t get more Australian than this,” said another.

Take a look and share it with your friends and family if it gave you a laugh!

Would you watch the Aussie Olympics? What other ‘Aussie’ events could there be?