Gordon Ramsay confesses to getting work done

In 2010, the 49-year-old celebrity chef admitted he’d taken inspiration from Simon Cowell, who advised him to freshen up his look with some surgical assistance, reports The Sun.

Now it appears Gordon’s had more cosmetic surgery after looking younger than ever at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday in Inglewood, California.

The TV chef oozed confidence with his flawless complexion as he posed for pictures on the red carpet with a slight hint of a smile along side his daughters.

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Talking about the first time he had work done to his face, he confessed: “’I’ve got four children, and they’d say: ‘Dad, why have you got so many wrinkles on your face when Clementine’s daddy has no wrinkles?’

“The lines were pretty horrific, like Scarface, and I was never embarrassed by it but my children helped me become more paranoid about it.

“There’s only so much s*** you want to take. I woke up in the morning and Matilda [daughter] was trying to squeeze pound coins in there.”

After moving to LA, one brutally honest makeup artist even suggested his face was the result of a car crash.

Ramsay added: “They said: ‘Oh my god, when did you go through the windscreen?’ You put up with it, but then you get f***ing sick of it. I listened to what Simon Cowell said, and he said, ‘Get it done, it’ll make you look more …”

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Speaking of the procedure, Ramsay continued: “It took four minutes each side, lasered not Botoxed. No one noticed until I mentioned it. When you don’t say anything you’re classified as a liar, so you can’t win.”

This is a picture of him at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards:

And another image from 2011:

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