Shopping centre launches 'fast lane' to ease walk rage this Christmas

Shopping centre
To beat 'walk rage' a UK shopping centre has launched a new strategy. Source: Pexels

Being stuck behind crowds of slow walkers can be super annoying, especially when you’re short on time. To beat ‘walk rage’ a UK shopping centre has launched a new strategy. 

As shops gear up for one of the busiest months in the retail calendar, Lakeside Centre in Essex has introduced a 220 (700-ft) metre long ‘fast lane’ reserved for fast walkers, just in time for Christmas. 

‘Fast lane’ will hopefully reduce the number of ‘slow rage’ incidents and allow slow walkers to browse without having people trying to dodge them.

The shopping centre has more than 250 shops, 50 cafes and restaurants, parking for 13,000 vehicles and attracts more than 25 million visitors a year. 

The strategy was launched after a MasterCard survey found that 80 per cent of shoppers found dawdlers to be their biggest annoyance when shopping, The Daily Mail reported. 

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Consumers have shared their thoughts on ‘fast lane’ via social media. 

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Research also discovered that the average walking speed slowed down by 21 per cent during the Christmas trading period, as more shoppers spend time browsing. 

Elliott Goldenberg, of MasterCard said, “Retailers are refining their business models to meet the needs of today’s shoppers.” The Daily Mail reported.

Queensland University Technology retail expert, Gary Mortimer told, he wasn’t surprised by the hype surrounding the launch, and believes the concept would appeal to shoppers in Australia, as well as in the UK.

“Crowded car parks and busy shopping centres tend to be two of the biggest gripes of shoppers over the festive season,” Mortimer said. “I think it’s a great idea. Certainly it’s a frustration of many shoppers trying to get through a mall from one retailer to the next without bumping into people.”

Do you think ‘fast lane’ is a good idea? Would you use it?