Susan Sarandon spills the beans on her multiple arrests

The Rocky Horror Picture Show actor appeared on the US talk show.

Susan Sarandon appeared on an episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, wearing a stunning white full-length jumpsuit that complemented her complexion perfectly. 

But that wasn’t the only thing that had people talking: speaking about the recent Charlottesville riots, Sarandon spoke candidly on the topics of racism and activism. 

“I think we have to own it,” the 70-year-old actor said in the interview. “Until people don’t have to say ‘black lives matter’, we’re not free.” 

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Comparing what’s happening today with her own experiences of protesting in the days of the Vietnam War, Sarandon said that the reality of horrific incidents is less visible now, unless you know where to look on the internet.

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“I think that’s why the millennials are way, way ahead of everybody else because they see actually what’s going on,” Sarandon said. 

Dressed to the nines and looking every bit the movie star, it’s hard to believe that Sarandon has been caught up in multiple protests and even arrested several times over the years.

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“I’ve gone from metal handcuffs to plastic ones,” she joked, before acknowledging that she has been “very lucky” when she’s been arrested, and treated very well. Fans have even stopped to take pictures while Sarandon has been handcuffed to a pole, which she doesn’t mind in the slightest. 

But the Thelma & Louise actor says that it’s partly due to her career, which requires a great deal of imagination and ability to empathise – traits that make her more capable of identifying with other people around the world. 

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When Fallon pointed out that many people seem to dislike it when actors speak out or acknowledge their activism, Sarandon gave him a wry smile. 

“Yeah, so now we have a reality show star as a president? Come on. And we have two of the worst actors – one is president and one is governor of California. I mean, what? Is it just good actors [who] aren’t supposed to have an opinion? I don’t get it,” she laughed, gesturing to herself. 

But she’s not worried about losing work or being disliked because of her activism. 

“I’m going to be a woman much longer than I’m going to be an actor. I’ll going to be a mother much longer than I’ll be be an actor,” Sarandon said. “You have to live an authentic, kind life. That’s all I’m striving for.” 

You can watch highlights from the interview below. 

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