Pete Evans has now offered his opinion on how we should poo

From feeding babies bone broth, to not wearing sunscreen. Evans is here with all the questionable health advice you didn't need. Image: Instagram/chefpeteevans

You probably didn’t need nor want any advice on toileting technique, but controversial Paleo chef Pete Evans is going to give it to you anyway. 

So, when it comes to number twos, are you doing it the right way? Probably not, according to Evans, who used a product placement on Instagram to let his followers know what they should be doing if they want a satisfactory trip to the loo. 

Plugging an almost $50 stool to his 161 thousand Instagram followers, Evans sang the praises of squatting to poo. The foot stool is designed to move your body into a more natural squatting position even when using a western toilet, a position that is purportedly better for bowel movements. 

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Although it seems a bit pricey for a bit of plastic, Evans’ followers couldn’t get enough.

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“Fantastic @chefpeteevans I have ordered mine. Having used my daughters step stool in the past, this is a much better idea. Love it! Thank you for sharing, have a lovely weekend,” wrote one follower. 

Another said “Love this. We just got one on Amazon!”

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Some commenters seemed less thrilled with the concept. 

“So we have been doing it wrong the whole time!!?”

“Great… a stool for our stools.”

And others were willing to go in and fiercely defend the poo stool. 

“f**k the haters @chefpeteevans,” wrote a passionate commenter. 

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“I live in Indonesia where squatting is the norm and so regular since I moved here … insulin resistant snd polycystic ovarian syndrome so paleo diet has changed my life … luv ya work.”

Evans has been in hot water in the past for various controversial claims, such as that a paleo diet can cure Autism, sunscreen being poisonous, and suggesting babies could be fed bone broth instead of formula. 

What do you think, is he onto something, or is it completely unnecessary?