Helen Mirren strips off in new charity campaign with a twist

It's not the first time Helen Mirren has ditched her clothes. Source: Getty

She vowed never to go nude for a movie again, but that hasn’t stopped Dame Helen Mirren from stripping off for a new campaign. Despite retiring from nude scenes in 2015, the legendary actress has ditched her clothes for a new charity campaign.

She’s teamed up with an array of other celebrities for the UK’s Give Up Clothes for Good campaign.

The initiative is currently one of the biggest clothes collection campaigns in the UK and encourages people to donate clothes in the name of cancer research. To date, more than £26.3 million (AU$46,1, US$37.2) has been raised to assist researchers find new and better ways of supporting children with cancer. Millions more goes towards supporting other cancer research.

For the raunchy shot, the Calendar Girls star teamed up with famed photographer Jason Bell. The photo shows the 72-year-old ditching her top and taking a dip in a lavish pool. While the photograph is classy, the star shows off a little skin as she poses in the water. Her robe can be seen folded up in the background.

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A number of other female stars, including Kelly Brook and Kimberley Walsh, also appear in the campaign in various states of undress, although Helen is arguably flashing the most flesh. The racy new photo comes after Helen blasted up-and-coming actresses who complain about nude scenes after filming them.

“You either agree to a script or you don’t,” she told the Express in the UK. “And if you have agreed to the rest of it, then you have agreed to that. That has always been my attitude as a professional.” In that interview, she admitted that she sometimes felt “embarrassed and mortified” by some of her past scenes, but that she always remains professional about it.

Those comments came after dozens of women in Hollywood claimed they were pressured to film nude scenes in order to remain in the limelight and continue working.

Would you ever ditch your clothes in the name of charity? Are a fan of Helen Mirren? 

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