Helen Mirren’s blunt message to upcoming actresses with nude scenes

Helen Mirren speaks out about nude scenes in Hollywood. Source: Getty

She’s been entertaining the world for decades and it looks like Helen Mirren has a message for up-and-coming talent in the industry.

The 72-year-old, who has appeared in numerous nude and sex scenes throughout her career, has told young women in the entertainment world to always remain professional when it comes to raunchy scenes.

Although she admits to being “embarrassed and mortified” by some of the racy scenes she’s appeared in, she believes that women shouldn’t complain about them after they’ve filmed them.

“You either agree to a script or you don’t,” she told the Express in the UK. “And if you have agreed to the rest of it, then you have agreed to that. That has always been my attitude as a professional.”

She added that nude scenes shouldn’t be considered by women unless the film they’re auditioning for is about nudism.

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The Dame famously retired from filming nude scenes in 2015, revealing that her body was just for the eyes of her partner. “That’s the good thing about getting older. You don’t have to do that sort of thing any more,” Vanity Fair reports the star saying at the time. “Now my pleasure pillows are purely for my husband.”

Throughout her career, Helen bared all for a number of films including Caligula and Calendar Girls, as well as a number of theatre productions.

Her comments come after a number of women in Hollywood have come forward accusing men within the industry of exploiting them. Some have suggested that they were bullied and pressured into certain scenes because of sleazy producers and executives.

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of women have taken to the streets of America over the weekend in the second annual Women’s March. The original protest marches last year were in light of US president Donald Trump being elected and what many thought was bad news for the country, given comments he’s made about women in the past. Many celebrities were in attendance of the marches.

It was also recently revealed that Helen dated actor Liam Neeson in the 1980s. In what could have easily been one of TV’s most awkward encounters, the pair were both guests on the same episode of The Graham Norton Show in the UK.

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“We didn’t date. We lived together,” she recalled on the show. “We were a serious item for a while.”

What do you think of Helen’s comments? Does she have a point?

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