Gordon Ramsay confesses to criminal activity with help of cling wrap

Gordon Ramsay admitted to breaking the law. Source: Getty

He’s one of the most famous chefs in the world and Gordon Ramsay has made a shock confession.

Speaking exclusively to British newspaper The Mirror, the 51-year-old admitted that he breaks the law when it comes to driving. The star, who is known for his love of fast cars, admitted that he speeds around Los Angeles.

While most people are guilty of going a few kilometres over the limit here and there, Ramsay said he purposely speeds to get full use out of his £160,000 (A$278,187, U$225,161) supercar. While most LA freeways limit speeds to 65 miles per hour, Ramsay suggested that he likes to drive at speeds of 200 miles per hour.

It turns out that the Hell’s Kitchen star is particularly sneaky about how he avoids speeding tickets and fines. He explained to The Mirror that he waits until late at night to go out for a spin. “I’ll take it out at 2.30 in the morning on the freeway and I’ll blast on the motorway and no police catch me and no cameras because I wrap my number plates with cling film,” he said.

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The father-of-four claimed that wrapping his licence plate in cling wrap prevented speed cameras from finding out who he is because it reflects the flash of the camera. He even went as far as suggesting that he keeps rolls of cling wrap handy for when he goes on his late-night adventures. Reports suggest that he loves Ferraris so much that he owns eight in the United Kingdom alone, with more in other major cities around the world.

Despite that, he claimed that he was often embarrassed to be seen driving around in his prized possessions and noted that was another reason why he chose to drive around late at night.

His new comments come after he sparked outrage with a set of tips for overweight diners. Outlined in his recently-released book. He encouraged people to eat a big meal before dining out and that people concerned about their weight should always opt for the lightest meal available on the menu.

He even suggested that he never orders a starter or dessert on his own and instead opts to share with his wife, Tana.

What do you think? Should Gordon Ramsay be punished for purposely driving over the speed limits? Are you a fan of the Scottish chef?

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