Did Nicole Kidman upgrade her $50,000 engagement ring?

Kidman recently returned to Australia for Christmas. Source: Getty

Women upgrade their engagement rings for various reasons – perhaps they married young and the original ring was not to their taste; or their husband decided at a later date to get the ring he always wanted to gift his wife but could not afford.

Some women lose their engagement ring and replace it, while others choose to have their ring remodelled into something more modern.

When country singer Keith Urban proposed to Nicole Kidman over a decade ago, he gifted her a diamond-studded Cartier band featuring three large stones surrounded by smaller stones, estimated to be worth $50,000.

Nicole’s original Cartier engagement ring is said to be worth $50,000. Source: Getty

Considered at the time to be slightly untraditional because it wasn’t a great blingy solitaire, Nicole’s engagement ring, which she paired with a slightly thinner, equally stone-encrusted band when they married in 2006, was a bedazzling beauty nevertheless.

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More recently, the much-loved Australian actress has been seen wearing a huge emerald cut ring on her ring finger.

These days, the actress favours this spectacular emerald cut diamond. Source: Getty

Photos of Kidman over the last couple of years show her alternating between both rings, although the newer ring makes far more appearances.

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Whether it was a 10-year anniversary gift from her husband or a gift to herself to celebrate her many career successes, Kidman looks to be as much in love with Urban as she ever was.

The pair cuddled up for a Christmas snap last week as they returned to Australia to celebrate Christmas with family and friends.

Meanwhile, Kidman is filming Destroyer, a crime-thriller which sees the actress undergo a radical makeover.

According to New Idea, “sources say the mum-of-four has started wearing her disguise on her way home from the set, loving the anonymity it gives her.”

“For the first time in forever, Nicole can go to the local supermarket and wander the streets without being recognised – she’s loving it!’ says a pal of the actress. ‘Most woman move heaven and earth to lose their grey hair and wrinkles – but Nicole’s loving it. She keeps the disguise on whenever she can at the moment.”

Did you upgrade your engagement ring after you got married? Do you have any anniversary traditions of your own?