Australia's favourite biscuits ranked by calories

Australia's favourite biscuits ranked by calories from highest to lowest. Source: Pexels

From Anzac biscuits to Scotch Fingers, when it comes to an afternoon snack, the first thing Australians reach for is the iconic biscuit container.

There’s no denying we love a delicious biccie with a hot cuppa, and now 9Honey has ranked Australia’s favourite biscuits by calories. 

Unfortunately, and unsurprisingly, some of them contain nearly the same amount of calories as a slice of pizza! 

A childhood favourite, the humble Tiny Teddy chocolate-coated biscuits are the so-called healthiest of the bunch with 11 calories/45kj per biscuit and nine biscuits per serve. 

Possibly one of Australia’s favourite savoury biscuits BBQ Shapes came in next at 18 calories/74kj per biscuit, and 11 biscuits per serve.

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The infamous Triple Wafer was the sixth ‘healthiest’ biscuit with 37 calories/156kj per biscuit and two biscuits per serve. If you’re a chocolate enthusiast, Choc Ripple came in at number eight with 40 calories/168kj per biscuit, two biscuits per serve and Oreos were ranked ninth with 47 calories/198kj per biscuit and three biscuits per serve.

Scoring thirteenth, the traditional Australian biscuit, Anzac biscuit has 63 calories/260kj per biscuit and one biscuit per serve. 

If you love an Arnott’s biscuit, the classic Shortbread Cream came in at 21 on the list with 47 calories/198kj per biscuit, one biscuit per serve and the popular Monte Carlo ranked twenty-fourth with 102 calories/428kj per biscuit and one biscuit per serve. 

So which classic Aussie biscuit is the worst for your waistline? 

Sorry Wagon Wheel fans, but this fantastic biscuit was ranked as the unhealthiest of the lost with a whopping 207 calories/864kj per biscuit and just one biscuit per serve.

Why the facts don’t paint a pretty picture, they’re unlikely to put off any true-blue Aussie, who knows there’s nothing better than sitting down for quick break and a couple of your favourite biscuits. 

What was your favourite biscuit? And more importantly, what’s your least favourite?!