Plea to stop convicted murderer Gerard Baden-Clay from getting wife’s money

As the sole beneficiary of wife Allison’s will, Gerard Baden-Clay, stood to reap more than $1million from her life insurance and superannuation policies.
Allison's stated Gerard was to be the recipient if he was still alive, otherwise it would go to their daughters.

The father of murdered Brisbane woman Allison Baden-Clay wants to make sure her husband doesn’t get a cent from her estate.

As the sole beneficiary of wife Allison’s will, Gerard Baden-Clay, who was convicted of her murder, stood to reap more than $1million from her life insurance and superannuation policies.

Instead, her father Geoff Dickie has applied to be appointed executor and have her estate will go to her three daughters, who are now aged 15, 13 and 10.

A senior lawyer told The Courier-Mail the application was a formality and Baden-Clay would “not get a cent” after being convicted of murdering his wife at their Brookfield home.

Allison Baden-Clay
Allison Baden-Clay











Ms Baden-Clay had two life insurance policies, valued at $434,069 and $348,497. 

She also had $236,505 in superannuation.

The money from the life insurance policies have been paid out and are being held in a trust until the completion of the trial and appeals process. 

In 2012 Allison was reported missing by her husband.

Her body was found 10 days later.

Gerard Baden-Clay
Gerard Baden-Clay










During the trial it was revealed Baden-Clay was under severe financial stress and had been involved in a long-running affair.

Gerard was found guilty of murder in 2014 but the conviction was downgraded to manslaughter.

An appeal resulted in the original conviction being reinstated.


What do you think? Should laws be changed in these circumstances?

  1. Carmel  

    You bet why should a convicted murderer get anything? I hope the powers that be give it to the daughters

  2. Moira  

    He does not deserve anything !! what about having a Family Trust for the 3 girls and having Geoff Dickie as the overseer with the trust ? Put al the money in and then change the title of the house to the girls under “proceeds of violence”?? That way the girls still have a Family home and the money to help them through until they turn of age. I know it is still the Father of the girls. But, they should not feel vulnerable.

  3. Lucy Gomez  

    He doesn’t deserve nothing. It belongs to the girls.

  4. Rosemary griffin  

    Of course he shouldn’t get anything whether it’s murder or manslaughter he was convicted of it so the daughters should get the insurance money when of age .

  5. BrisbaneWoman  

    Welcome to Queensland where there is legislation to STOP criminals from profiting from their crimes… inheritance, no insurance payout and no book deals.

  6. Kaye Grunow  

    Absolutely he killed her for his own greed he is not entitled to a cent rot in jail you dog

  7. Diane Buchanan  

    He murdered her!!! that was No accident, it was premeditated he dragged her body away and if it wasn’ t that the river exposed her body would have gotten away with it, he lied about the scratches on his face………all disception now he wants what his children and grandparents should get to be financially secure for what ever might be left. Rot in hell!!!

    • the Dog Baden-Clay should not be able to receive any money from the murder of his wife…..Neither by insurance, superannuation, book sale, television series or a film or money earned in jail. He is a parasite and egotistical monster that should have got the death penalty.

    • Peg trood  

      He is not interested in the welfare of his daughters, never has been. To murder their mother and destroy their lives and family as he did. The mongrel has only ever been interested in his own malignant grubby little self, the girls need it. I HOPE HE ROTS IN JAIL.

  8. Sally  

    No way should he get any of her money that is for her daughters

  9. J Horstmann  

    Absolutely not!!! How dare he think he can profit from her murder…all monies should go to her children to be held in trust until 21….HE should rot in jail

  10. Barbara mason  

    He shouldn’t get a bloody razoo he’s robbed those children of a loving mother why should he benefit no way I hope he rots in hell

    • von  

      This DOG Baden-Clay should be Stopped from making any profit out of his murder. Nor any profit out of a book being published or any film/documents or series being made about the murder, or working in jail and receiving money. He should just rot in jail until death. Unfortunately he will be out on parole when he’s done his time and his rich family will take good care of him when he gets out.

  11. Carol Vintner  

    He killed his lovely wife why the hell should he get anything only jail for the rest of his life, the money should go to her beauitful daughters that he left without there mum

  12. Jenne  

    Alisons entire estate should go into a trust for her girls and their future.

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